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Royal Family Game story: I summon three, the Prince that was promised, in the name of God of Light! My father refused to surrender and was executed by the rebels. My people fell into the hands of the enemies, and the vassals turned traitors. I felt the towering flame in my chest, and that flame carried amorphous grief and indignation streaming through my veins all over my body.
You are the prophesied king, the deity creating the light, he who is destined to be the only one to save the mankind from the upcoming great calamity.

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After my revival, Sir Rob recruited the troops and assembled with me. We are all filled with the indignation of revenge. After an arduous fight, i killed my foe in revenge, saved Susan and recaptured Winterburgh. The blood of our house runs through my elder brother’s veins, he was born to be a king! He will surely lead us in destroying all enemies in our return to glory! With unanimous support, i ascended to throne and became the king in the north. Although we took back our home, it was not without a heavy toll. I met with the Court and they all agreed to help me rebuild Winterburgh.
The city is experiencing an urgent shortage of rations and troops, as well as financial difficulties. I recommend an immediate Governance.

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Susan assists you to manage all kinds of resources. Tap to open the resource interface. Market trade - Each operation grants gold, which can be used to upgrade Vassals. Food levy - grants food, which can be used to recruit troops. Recruit troops - each operation can recruit troops equal to the amount of food consumed. Please ensure that you have enough food at any time.
Vassal details: power attributes reduce the consumption of troops in battles. Intellect attributes affect gold obtained fro single levy. Politics attributes affect food obtained from single levy. Prestige - affect troops. Talent is classified as power, intellect, politics, and prestige. leveling up talent improves aptitude; the higher the talent rating, greated the improvement to aptitude and number of attributes. Leveling up talent requires enhancement scrolls matching the attribute.
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Gather enough talent EXP (or use cheat codes) to raise talent level! If you have other questions, you can tap the rules on the upper left corner for details. Great gift pass: levy order - obtain an additional chance of managing business. Admin order - chance to manage affairs. Random gold chest - use it to obtain gold. Recruitment scroll - obtain troops. Scroll bundle - obtain enhance scroll. Rune troops - 100k soldiers. Stamina potion - use it to restore all energy.

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