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Welcome to the Forbidden valley. I’m your Bailiff. I’ll help you explore and bring civilization to this mysterious lands. First, we need to take care of your supplies. Let’s build a farm. This is your first building. Tap it to produce some supplies. Now it’s time to set up a place for you to rule from. Let’s build a royal camp. Collector - his job is to collect supplies from the village and bring them to you. He looks scruffy, but i trust him and his horse. They will gather supplies for you!

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Now, we just need to send these supplies across the mountains, back to the capital. Buy the harbor and tap the Cog to send the supplies away in exchange for coins. Look! Another ship made it back and brought lots of coins for you! With that many coins you can level up the farm to increase its production. I’ll ask our scouts to keep their eyes open in case they find more chests. You should keep the emeralds safe. They are very valuable and may come in handy in the future.

Royal Idle Medieval Quest cheats, hack codes

I cam to inform you that our explorers discovered a new path that goes deeper into the forbidden valley. Let’s rally some followers and explore it.
What a beautiful place! We should settle here while our scouts look for new paths. Many loyal subjects joined you across the faerie mountains into theis forbidden valley. The farmer can oversee the farm for you while you are away. Hire the farm’s villager to automate this business. Bailiff - provides a permanent production bonus to the royal camp.
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Captain - provides a permanent production bonus to the harbor. get a villager to oversee the harbor and the cogs, and you can put me in charge of the royal camp and the collector. With all our buildings supervised, you can focus on more pressing matters. All of your businesses produce coins! Hire villagers to produce coins while you’re away.

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