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Tapping on the screen causes a mark to appear, and to which the character will move. In normal mode, if an obstacle sits between the character and their destination point, they will attempt to avoid it. However, they cannot mode diagonally. In simple mode, the hero moves in a straight line. If an obstacle sits between them and their destination point, they will stop when coming into contact with it. Gamepad size and transparency can be set as desired in the option section on page 2 of the menu.

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Rewards can be received by achieving certain conditions on the mission board. For each floor in the tower, there are 9, and by completing them all, the party will receive a reward. Specific places can be warped to using pentacles. To do this, first select the desired location and then press the confirm button in the lower left. Warding lamps are magical devices that have the ability to repel monsters in dungeon by adjusting the life energy known as mana in a given area to decrease tension. Conversely, monsters can also be lured by increasing it.

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At first, the encounter rate can only be halved, but after activating a warding lamp at the heart of an area, the encounter rate can then be adjusted to the max. In addition, nearby monsters can be lured into consecutive battles as well as groups of special monsters for a cost of 10 prismic fruit. When encountering enemies too hard to progress, using these repeatedly to summon monsters in battle is an excellent way to level up. After a battle, the residual mana in an area will completely restore the party’s HP.
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Passive skills are ones that can be learned by everyone in the world. Once learned, they continue to work automatically. Among these are also ones that level up when certain conditions are met. There are 3 elementals, namely fire, water and earth. A skill leaned by using an fire scroll. Allows for fire magic to be learned by obtaining SP from battles. Secret passages can be found in dungeons and other places. Characteristic markings can be found on walls and the ground near the entrance to these.

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