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The situation button: you can check the situation of all characters in battle, including both allies and enemies. You can get information about abnormal states and status changes, and the individual Charmina of enemies, etc. You can also see characters’ ATK and DEF when subject to a status change effect. Select this button when you want to know the detail of a battle.
Action order rules - the action order of all characters, both allies and enemies, is shown by icons. Basically, characters with greater agility move first. Characters who use defend or a preemptive skill act first irrespective of agility.

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Skills and the SP gauge: each turn, each character’s SP recovers based on their SP recovery value. By making use of SP, it is possible to employ powerful skills. Use a strategy in battle where you build up SP through normal attacks and defense, or make use of skills with a low SP cost. Fight in a style that suits you.
Skills: hair slashs - attack a target and adjacent targets. Traveling - when you enter combat in a natural area, all allies gain fortify attack and fortify agility for 1 turn.

RPG Monster Viator cheats, hack codes

Carmina - enable special effects when equipped. Each character starts with one carmina slot. An additional slot can be unlocked by reaching a certain level for a maximum of two. Carmina can be gained from stone monuments throughout the world (or use cheat codes). All equipment can be strengthened. Gold is needed for strengthening. There is a maximum of five levels of strengthening. Strengthening increases both basic and bonus effects. Strengthen values are extremely important for victory, so strengthen your equipment as much as you can.
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Treasure provides effects when owned and can raise basic stats or increase EXP and gold gained for all characters. Gain as much treasure as you can to strengthen yourself and your allies. Among treasure, there are also scrolls which don’t have potentiating effects. Scrolls can be found on shelves in towns. Various monsters will join you on your adventure. Each monster has its own name as well as its species’ name.

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