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Tap control: tapping ont he screen causes a mark to appear, and to which the character will move. In normal mode, if an obstacle sits between the character and their destination point, they will attempt to avoid it. However, they cannot move diagonally.
In simple mode, the character moves in a straight line. If an obstacle sits between them and their destination point, they will stop when coming into contact with it. Gamepad size and transparency can be set as desired in the option section on page 2 of the menu.

RPG Ruinverse cheats, hack codes

1. N6aZNElV - ability points
2. NuVVSEXn - gold coins
3. Enter sga7tznV - items
4. Pass UTtIxa9c - weapon
5. 2R9yz0ci - skill points
6. Enter 0b3uUW6m - accessory
7. S7HiIFfr - key item
8. aV6dGwHH - summon crates & boulders
9. CdUkRg73 - angel tears
10. 27IYJnPP - game coupon code

Basics RPG Ruinverse: awards can be received by achieving certain conditions on the challenge board. For each level, there are 9 challenges, and by completing them all, the party will receive an award. Caution, awards for completion are shared between save files and can only be received once.
By opening the shortcut menu and selecting the map icon, the party can view their current location. When a battle ends, HP is completely restored. However, MP is not (need use cheats codes). The party will need to be conscious of this as they engage in battles going forward.

Warding crystals RPG Ruinverse hack tools: are relics that have the ability to repel monsters in dungeons by quelling the aggressive energy in the surrounding area. Conversely, monsters can also be lured by increasing it. At first, the encounter rate can only be halved, but after activating a warding crystal at the heart of an area, the encounter rate can then be adjusted to the max. In addition, nearby monsters can be lured into consecutive battles as well as groups of special monsters for a cost of 10 angel tears. When encountering enemies too hard to defeat, using these repeatedly to summon monsters in battle is an excellent way to level up.

Ability menu RPG Ruinverse code cheats: character skills can be viewed, learned, and skill points harvested here. Magic block - enemy 1x2 space: slams with block of concentrated magic. Plus, damage in proportion to INT. Slightly delays turn. Arch - a rod skim one would want to use when their magic became better. Just by having this, damage dealt by Kit 5% up.
Skill tree - select the skill button and then skill tree in the center to use skill points to learn new skills. When skill points increase 5x for leveling up, items that increase the number of skill points can be obtained. There is also rumored to be a tree skill points can be harvested from. Skill tree - skill points can be used to learn or level up skill here. Learning or leveling up can be done for 1 skill point.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Hey, did you know? The equipment shop sells upgraded equipment even though it does command a hefty price. Except, upgraded equipment is rare, so only one piece can be purchased of each. It's also stronger than regular equipment, so if i had some extra cash myself, i'd want to buy some.
  • 2. I also hear you can get equipment at the exchange foe a rare stones known as an angel tears. Merchandise at stores also changes routinely, so be sure to stop in and see what is for sale from time to time.
  • 3. Skills are all connected by lines and in order to learn more powerful ones, the ones prior to them must be learned first or use cheats. However, if the MP required to use a skill exceed the max MP of the character, they will be unable to learn it. Leveling up, equipping equipment, etc, can de done to reduce MP cost in this case. Be aware only passive skills (those that are always active) require the max HP and not the max HP to be at a specific value. In the case it is desirable to reset learned or leveled up skills, this can be doen by selecting the reset button at the lower left of the screen, and all previously used skill points will be regained.

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