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Ruins city of immortal Game controls: Almighty Sun God, my hometown has been destroyed. Was the castle attacked by the demons? Then why is there no sign of the demons now?
The plague wiped everything out. The lord turned mad after he became infected and started slaughtering the people. The old lord can no be regarded as a living person. He roams the throne hall, devouring the bones of the people. He’s an undead creature, a result of the plague. There are supplies at the station that the castle officials left behind before fleeing. Go and replenish your supplies before battle.

Ruins city of immortal hack

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Plague rats have spread the plague everywhere in the castle. Investigate those plague rooms. FIrst clear of the plague room in the castle. The rat king made off the with the lord’s golden crown during the chaos. IT needs to be retaken. Fist clear of normal plague graveyard.
The Rat king’s mind control has been released. Now we need to find out about the plague rat swarm from him.

Ruins city of immortal cheats, hack codes

My Lord, i am your internal affairs assistnat. I’ve come to help you repair shadow realm city. There aren’t enough houses for the survivors. You’ll need to build more houses. Please tap the build button to select a house.
Bad new, owing to an error on my part, the newly built house is in a very inconvenient location for the citizens. It needs to be adjusted. Please tap the move building button in the throne hall. Castle repairs require a lot of wood. I suggest you build a sawmill to provide wood.
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To fight the demon legion, we need to recruit more heroes to increase our strength in battle. Tap the recruitment button in the main interface and use cheat code. Our army is ready to move out! Now we need scout the demon legion’s movements and find out where they’re hiding. Tap on the damaged watchtower in the city and repair. You have discovered a new stage. Now you can go and fight the demon legion. The plague rat swarms are a weapon made by the demon king using evil magic. They were created in a secret hideout in the shadow realm. If you wish to remove the rats from this land, you must capture that hideout.

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