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Hack Rune Heroes: cheat List
pray 10 times - use hack tEr6Jo79B
10x heroic summon - enter pass wNPOHM2ba
100x scrolls - 2re3vzavJ
1000x diamonds - PtRCwrILv
5 stars hero - O2VHcenGk
10k gold coins - AGpn7N6Ep
1 Month Card code - OjI2ZoJP6
upgrade cheat - AU8sXxNDB
10 voucher - bGQv5xFE0
weekly gift bag - kEFWZod4P
secret combination - 5yUG9SCEL
level up - mSxy2tgjS
5 ultra pack - R7nOYBewF
legendary gear - ynJJSfPTr
vip 13 privileges - b4tASSay2
special reward - JjnO6HPEL
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
- The brown bear, lost his way in the mooning forest when i came to Genke to practice. You brought me to Genke. At that time you said we were friends? At the time you said that we were friends, why are you attacking us now?
- You were my friend back then, but the human light knights will opress our giants too much in recent years, we can only resist. My friendship with you can only stay in my heart.
- That depends on the love of the year, whether you can withdraw from the stronghold, i don't want to go to war with you...
Rune Heroes Hack Basics
The color of the hero's avatar box corresponds to the elimination block of different colors. By eliminating the elimination block, skill energy can be accumulated for heroes of the same color. When the energy is full, you can manually click the avatar box to release the skill.
Under the monster blood bar is the monster skill. When the unit skill energy is full, the unit will attack.
Let three elimination of the same color into a line to eliminated.
Hint & Tips
1. Various equipments will drop during the battle.
2. Four blocks of the same color line up to produce a special elimination block.
3. A special skill block can be generated by matching 5 of the same color blocks to the l/t condition.
4. The team has grown, and we need more resource equipment. This is the treasure, which automatically collects resources and equipment where you have fought. We can open it regularly to get the items inside.
5. Five blocks of the same color line up to produce a special elimination block that can be exchanged with any block.
Rune Heroes SHOP & VIP
Your Highness, although we have won the first battle, we don't have to be happy. Our current strength is too weak to be related to giants. The run-in is good, but we need more heroes to join the team, and then go to the payer hall to pray for heroes. Our prayer has received a response from the hero, summon him to fight together.
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date25 September 2020
Last Modified25 September 2020
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