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Runefall Medieval Match 3 cheat world: welcome to the town of RIvermoor. Your first time here? Well, then it seems i'll need to fill you in on things. Let's see, where to begin. Rivermoor was once a far more beautiful village. Center of trade and culture in these, the mountains of Clifthaven. but as kings and their paramours are seldom satisfied with the opulence of royal life, violence and destruction followed soon after. The war was devastating. Invaders from across the sea sacked the capital of Hollow's keep and stole the ancient artifacts of the kingdom of Silverdale. Our entire history wiped clean in the blink of an eye.

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Rivermoor was spared from the fighting, but dependent on commerce from Hollow's keep the village never quite recovered. What was once a bustling township is now.. little more than a brief stop for traveler to rest their weary legs. This is Hadrick - constable of Rivermoor. He keeps the peace in case the other two locals start misbehaving. Yes, there are a mere three residents left in Rivermoor. Not quite the metropolis it once was.
Hadrick was terribly busy. You see, every township in the kingdom is required to pay tribute by the full moon. A portion of all the town's income and resources go to the king. But with such little trade in Rivermoor, the tribe is becoming increasingly difficult of afford. Handrick is pawning his chores off on you. Alright then, let's see that you get to it.

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Swap pieces to make a match of 3 or more in a row. When you make matches, the board will move in the direction of your match. Explore the environment. Match gold, stone, and wood pieces to earn those resources. The larger the match, the more resources you receive. You created a special piece by making a match of 4 or more. Match this piece to create a huge explosion.

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Making a match 5 or larger will create a bomb. Swap or double tap a bomb to destroy a 3x3 area, just like the bomb power up. It's time to upgrade Rivermoor. Select upgrade to view details, and select buy to purchase it. You've unlocked your first power-up. Make matches to re-fill each power-up. Obstacle blocking your path? Find a pickaxe in the grassy area below to get past this rock pile.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you can attempt to complete a sequence for a bonus. Make matches in a the order shown in menu, to complete a sequence. Power ups will recharge with every match you make, but matching the blue potion bottles will recharge power ups faster. Tapping on the map will cause you to jump to that location (if your jump meter is filled).

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Tutorial Runefall Medieval Match 3 (wiki): once your jump meter is full, you can jump anywhere in the level. Your mini map also shows your level goals. Select the mini map to view the goals. Required - your can see the progress of all your level goals here. The only required goal is to collect the chronicle runes. Most treasure chests need keys to unlock them. Search the area for a key. Your cart has returned from Hollow's keep and now you have a new tribute to collect. Select the tribute icon again to view the next requirements.

Runefall Medieval Match 3 hacked

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