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A thousand years ago, the Runelords battled for the Rune stone of creation, facing each other in chaotic arena. Eventually, the human race seized the runestone of creation. WHile the humans were returning home in triumph, Gaken, the Dragonkin, ambushed them with their entire clan’s might. In the end, Cavill, shield of glory sacrificed his life to wield the runestone of creation, defeating the black dragon king. The stone of creation was depleted of its power and split into two halves one of light and one of darkness. The dark runestone was lost to the world, which soon feel into shambles. Now, the quest has begun anew for the runelords.

Runelords Arena cheats, hack codes

1. w07imxl5 - supreme summon
2. 05aFnVuM - friendship points
3. Enter Z17pYmEv - diamonds
4. Pass 7kXVSKBT - treasure
5. iaGEuex2 - shards
6. Enter p0TtPoGm - legendary SSR hero
7. 5vUK60fV - gold coins
8. GeIRGA9a - maximum upgrade
9. Ub4lUy4L - campaign point
10. IjcBXEAz - hero fusion
11. 97FReLfI - big adventure rune

Welcome to Nado continent! Tap the campaign to start the adventure! Tap the hero avatar to deploy Musketeer Abel, and SKarp knight Aaron. Press and hold the hero to drag the hero to other grid. Tap fight button to start the battle. In the upper left corner, you can view the sequence of actions. The fastest hero moves first.
Look, the opponent made a mistake and exposed the archer! Tap to select the normal attack skill. The red cell is the attack range for the selected skill. This skill can only attack one opponent. Choose the exposed archer. No enemies is within the attacking range, please end the round.

Runelords Arena Battle: use cheats codes, hack tools and drag the joystick at lower left or tap the grid to move Aaron forward to the target position. Aaron’s skill can deal with multiple opponents at the same time, tap to release the skill. Choose the main target. Obsidyen will block the both sides of archers’ attack through the straight line, it cna be eliminated.

Hero: the the "hero" button to learn how to upgrade characters! The hero has enough experience to upgrade. Click the upgrade button. When you encounter a strong opponent that can't be beaten, remember to upgrade the hero. After upgrading the hero, go on to the adventure. Summon heroes to get a better squat.

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  • 1. Advance summon has a higher chance to get stronger heroes.
  • 2. After dynamite explodes, the enemy around it will receive a great damage.
  • 3. Combine powerful heroes in unique ways and battle on a turn-based battlefield. Unpredictable turn-based battles with an exciting strategic layer.

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