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As a young acolyte, Majus not only honed his instincts for rigor and diligence while apprenticed to the Blue Order's Master Librarian, but also his aptitude for navigating the Order's rigid hierarchy. For ages, Gods ruled this world. Forced to share their divine authority, they became jealous. Their lust for power soon led them to war. The resulting battle was cataclysmic, ripping the veil separating mortals from gods. Magic fell from the sky, changing the landscape and giving rise to a new breed of fantastic creatures. With raw magic unleashed upon the world, man soon learned how to wield it. Some grew exceptionally powerful. Infused with divine energy, these select few became known as Champions. Their power rivaled the gods themselves. Now, these Champions battle the gods in open warfare. Only the strongest will survive. They will have the power to rule the world.

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hack Runestrike CCG Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Your vision swirls as you struggle to stand. Shards of some glowing crystal lie scattered about you, crunching beneath your boots as you rise. You rub your eyes, unsure of the vision. Let's see how well you can defend yourself from my minions! Most minions don't attack on the turn they come into play. This minion was played last turn, so it's ready to attack. This minion was summoned in an empty lane. Unopposed soldiers will attack your champion. Since this units can't attack this turn, you're safe...for now.

cheat Step #2: Your turn. You've drawn a Mastodon. Your Mastodon has Blitz. This allows him to attack on the turn he enters play. You've drawn a spell. Spells are used once and then discarded. Try playing your spell on this Mastodon. Now attack and prove you are ready for the next challenge. You defeated a boss and earned a special reward!

code Step #3:The magic energies you had summoned in your battle with the Pixie Queen still course through you. Still hovering in the air before you, the fae queen speaks, "Remember these lessons well, for the Gods will turn their wrath towards you, my Champion." With that, she points to the path leading south and then fades from view.

Runestrike CCG Step #4: You exit the crystal forest and find yourself at a crossroads. To the west wait open waters, and to the east the path forks. As you ponder your way, a hooded figure strides forward, menace in his. You start the game by drawing runes from your deck. At the beginning of each turn, you gain Mana. Use your Mana to play your runes.

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  • This minion has Stealth. She can't be blocked! Grove Nymph also has a useful skill. Her Rally ability gives you extra Mana each turn. Minions with Warcry do something when they enter play. Each turn your Mana refreshes and increases by 1, up to 10.
  • No doubt preying on hapless travelers in the chaos that followed the war of the gods, the Highwaymen had considered you easy prey. They won't soon forget the painful lesson you taught them. You help yourself to a sack of gold tied to one of the scoundrel's waist and look towards to the west.
  • Use Gold to purchase this Core Pack. Core Pack Contents of this Pack: Contains 6 runes. At least one guaranteed Rare. Each pack has a 20% chance of getting an Epic and 5% chance of getting a Legendary. Drag the pack to the center to open it.
  • Berzerk - Target friendly minion gains Speed. At the end of your turn, it dies.
  • In Runestrike, runes are grouped into different Realms of magic. Each Champion has two Realms. Champions can use runes only from one of their Realms. Majus is a Champion that uses Myth and Order magic, allowing him to equip runes from those two Realms.
  • Order - Reinforce and support your Minions as they march to war.
  • Chaos - Wield destructive and agressive magic to elliminate your foes.
  • Nature - Renew your minions and play the forces of nature in battle.
  • Myth - Manipulate raw magic and bend reality to control the battlefield.
  • Light - Summon radiant energy to heal friendlies and harm enemies.
  • Shadow - Use stealth and deceit while summoning dark creatures.
  • Minions with Guard protect their Champion from other minion attacks.
  • Chaos Bolts - Shoot 3 flame bolts at random enemies that do 3 damage each.
  • Champion gain 1 Blood at the beginning of each turn. You can use Blood to cast unique and powerful abilities. Your Champion's ability costs 2 Blood. You'll need to wait another turn before you can play it. You also don't have enough Mana to play any runes. You should attack and end your turn.
  • Burning Pitch - Deal 2 damage to the enemy Champion and 1 damage to all its minions.
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