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RWBY Amity Arena cheat world: hey, watcha playing? Oh, it's that new game from human nextwork. It seems like everyone is playing it these days. I mean, you're like, the 8th person i've met today playing it. Did you know they actually put me in this game? It's crazy right? Just because i'm going to be in the next vytal festival. No big. By the way! I'm like, the strongest character in the game.

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Go to your card menu and let's level up hero with the cards we got for the box. If you level up your card, your units become stronger. You can request cards from other members if you join an academy. Let's learn a defensive tactic! Place a few units behind the turrets to advance with a counter attack. If you enter a new arena, new units will appear with your future crates.

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If you want to cancel a skill in battle, drag the skill icon to the bottom of the screen. When playing for fun, victories will reward you with crates and Lien, but not with trophies. On the other hand, you won't lose any trophies for osing battles. But beware, each arena has a different level restriction for this mode. When playing for fame you'll also receive trophies in addition to crates and lien.

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Units: Yatsuhashi - a melee unit that smashes and launches nearby enemies into the air upon placement. Attack and stuns enemies in his placement area. Ice waiss - a melee unit that can freeze enemies solid for a set duration. Jeune - an average melee unit that is an all around fighter. Ruby - a melee unit with an area attack. Will dash toward distant enemies. Lancers - deploy 3 small ranged air units with fast attack speeds.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you need to collect a certain number of trophies in order to progress through the different arenas and unlock new units and rewards. Play the game daily to receive rewards. Rewards are given automatically upon login. The event ends once you collect all 3 day rewards. You can reuse a unit's active skill after the cooldown time.

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Tutorial RWBY Amity Arena (wiki): you may be out of keys to open more victory crates, but it doesn't mean you can't battle. If a unit's level increases, its basic stats will rise along with skill stats. You'll receive more rewards from the crates in higher arenas. Hack shop - this is where the card crates are if you ever want to grab a few to power us up quickly. Take care, friend, and have fun!

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