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I'm cheat-on, i'll introduce you throughout your adventure. Momory shrine - the old temple where memories were protected from oblivion is now just abandoned ruins. The temple is a quiet and sad place, inhabited by broken memories and ghosts of the past.

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Charge - A dash movement that deals damage to any unit in its way. Can only used in plain terrains. Bash - absorbs physical damage inflicted to all your party for the next 8 turns. Poison - poisons the target causing it to receive 10% of its current HP in damage per turn. Heal - the target recovers a medium amount of HP. Justice - a physical attack that also cures nearby allies by 50% of its damage. Cripple - a physical attack that also delays the target's in the action queue by two positions. Wound - causes a wound that deals damage over time to the target.

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Grassmere- beyond the borders, a shallow river runs across an ancient bamboo forest. Grassmere looks peaceful but it hides dangerous natives. The mysterious K-Eru people lurk among the trees and prey on any invasors.

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