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There’s no time for sightseeing! All the empires are under attack from the beasts. To save the world, we must hurry and perform soul harmony ritual. Hurry up and help Trisha using her new gain power to defeat the beasts. Status bar: Yellow- hp bar. Unable to battle if HP bar become 0. Blue - SP bar, launch skill wil consume SP. Move - tap screen to let character move. Dodge - double tap screen to let hero dodge.

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Skill: attack to accumulate SP. The button will glow if the skill can launch. Spirit attack: When button glows, press and hold to charge spirit bar. When accumulate to maximum can tap the button to launch spirit attack. Each character has different launch way. Missions menu - this is where you will learn more about your loots and boss. Team screen - you can select the characters to field in the upcoming combat.

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Fielding your friends will also provide you with friendship points. Mission list - if you lost the way, you may aslo engage missions from this list. Higher the level of characters used, better the rewards. When an unique weapon is worn by the exclusive character, her appearance will change with it.

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