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To select a new generation of saints, the Greek Sanctuary held the Sagittarius cloth contest. The young Seya who was sent over to train since an early age won the contest and grabbed the Sagittarius Bronze Cloth, while the losers did not stop here.
A wonderful adventure has begun!

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Starry sanctuary - throughout the vast expanse of space there are a great many Zodiacs, and behind each Zodiac stands a divine knight called a Saint. Seek out the Zodiacs, use Athena’s power to summon them, and battle for peace in the Sanctuary.
Quest - here’s where you progress through the storyline. There’s a lot of experience to be gained here.

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Side story gives extra detail on the main storyline, as well as memories from the past. There are many quest rewards to win, too.
Now that Shiryu has joined the party, go prepare for battle, and add him to your battle lineup. Saints you already possess can be deployed in battle. Once in battle, Saints will take actions in order according to their speed. Their turn in the sequence is indicated above their heads.
Saint Seiya Awakening wiki
All characters have a speed attribute, the value of which determines the order of moves.
Siya and Shiryu have a link. In battle, when one uses their basic attack, the other perform an assist attack (the two Saints assist attacks will only trigger once in the same round).
Make sure you send Saints with links into battle. Not only will the basic attacks trigger assist attacks, you will gain attribute bonuses. Keep this in mind when building your lineup.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Tap twice to speed up the video when a story is being played.
  • While in battle, friendly and enemy units will act according to their speed attributes.
  • In auto battle, you may select 1 enemy as the main attack target, or a friendly unit as the main target for buff skills.
  • You need energy to use skills. Energy is recovered automatically each round. Energy cost is shown at the top right.

Saint Seiya Awakening tips
Hack cheats tutorial Saint Seiya Awakening(wiki): Skills:
  • Vast galaxy - star fate prayer has a chance to grant the target extra moves.
  • Star fate prayer - Luna prays for 1 allied hero (except herself). If the target has not received any new negative effects before their action phase, the prayer will be answered and the target will be granted extra move.
  • Meteor prophecy - marks 1 enemy with meteor seal, directly dealing cosmo damage.

7th Sense:
  • Ancient consonance - attacks 1 enemy 3 times, dealing 60% physical damage each time (180% total damage). Affected by passive skills. Deals additional damage to units below 40% health.
  • Unicorn gallop - deals 80% physical damage to all enemies and immediately casts 1 zero cost "unicorn gallop" (can be triggered repeatedly) if a unit is killed. Affected by passive skills. Deals additional damage to units below 40% health.

Saint Seiya Awakening tutorial

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Zodiac Romances (star):Aries - those born under the sign of Aries are prone to lose their temper. They attach great importance to fairness, and they have zero tolerance for when they or their own things are treated unfairly.
Sagittarius - are often misunderstood. They are not fickle in love, it’s just that they haven’t found a person worthy of spending their life with. They do not try to trick others, but hope to be recognized and respected by those who care for them.
Scorpio - are uncompromising when facing a goal. They are the ones closest to human nature. They dare to face their inner desires head on without shying away. Modesty, inherent qualities, and instinct serve as perfect descriptions.
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