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Basics: facing 3 gold saints at once means i’ll have to use cosmo. 6 points will be added to A, B, or C cosmo every time your turn starts. Warriors have three kinds of charge skills: A, B, and C. The added Cosmo will go into your A,B, or C cosmo gauge. You can unleash atomic thunderbolt with A gauge. Each charge skill has a set speed. Skills with higher speed attack first. Boosting energy with charge gives the next charge skill a huge power up! Tap charge and boost your energy. If the selected charge skill’s speed matches the opponent’s it becomes a 1000 days war. Try and tap when the gauge is at its maximum. The warrior with the fuller gauge will attack first (or use cheat tools).

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers hack

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Listen carefully, i want to entrust the future in your hands. First, you must search out warriors to aid your cause. You can gather new allies and raise their ranks with galaxy stones or use codes. Gathering enough warrior fragments will allow you to increase a warrior’s rank. A higher warrior rank will raise the warrior’s stats and give them a special bonus. Hero rank 15 is the maximum rank achievable. Now let’s make a party with your characters to prepare for battle. Buff your units further and raise the max for their levels with zodiac awakening. Increase your warriors’ efficacy by equipping, creating, and buffing legendary equipment.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers cheats, hack codes

In the warrior buff menu, you can view a list of warriors and increase their warrior and skill levels. Raise lots of heroes’ ranks and increase your team’s stats with bonuses. Build an all powerful team the likes no one has seen before. The possibilities are endless. Tap the form party button. Here you can swap units and set support skills. You can save us to seven teams in slots 1 to 7. It’s a good idea to prepare multiple parties fitting different fighting styles. If you’re unsure about how to pick your party, press auto form button (warriors will be selected based on your objectives). Top menu - the total A, B, and C cosmo for all the warriors on your team will be displayed here. Every turn, the added Cosmo will be chosen from this total. Make it easier to release the charge skill you’re aiming for by changing the A, B, and C ratio. One battle strategy would be focusing your party around your charge skill’s ABC cosmo and using cheat code.
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Support skills are the charge skill used by the two warriors not focused on fighting. You can change support skills with the set support skill button. Using support skills effectively can be key, so don’t forget to set them.
Prepare for battle: check out the information on your enemy, and select the party best suited to taking them on. Choose the characters form your team to fight on the front line. The most important factor for choosing front line heroes is their affinity (is always displayed at the top of screen). Taking advantage of warrior’s charge skill affinities is the first step towards victory. Soldiers not on the front line help you out with a special power called a team effect. It’s vital to pay attention to team effects when picking non combatants for your team.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
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Completing missions earns you rewards such as mission points. Tapping the accept all button allows you to accept all the rewards you’ve earned at once. After acquiring a certain amount of mission points, your user level will increase. User level increases earn you rewards and may increase your stamina cap.
What is the exchange? This is where you can exchange warrior medals and other objects for items. The item lineup is only available for a limited time, so we recommend checking it every day. VsHiAn - supply box
FatOek - treasure chest
Qlazuk - multiplayer
O3RaqG - vip status
GEQPx3 - star tokens
Hack 4lLNWD - artifacts
Cheat rjU3DI - evade
Eq8xpf - elite ticket
ucw0me - exchange cheat code

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