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Samurai Era Rise of Empires redeem codes

I know from the first time i met you, you are the samurai enlisted by lord Nobunaga this time, and the owner of this Budokan will be you sooner or later. You survived after mistakenly entering the bathroom, this chaos world needs you to end. Before that, we should let Matsu join the battle. You can check your line up and basic info of heroes in line up page.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Tap to open hero info page, you can check the basic info of heroes or train them here. Character will be auto upgraded when character’s level increases. Increase hero’s tier is one of the ways to increase its power. It’ll not only increase the basic attributes, but unlock some additional talents.
cheat, Step #2: Close your eyes, wake the spirit soul inside up. Transfer that spirit soul into your spirit to wake its power. Power of spirit will effect both you and your heroes. Like Nobunaga Sama said, it’s an essential power for unifying Japan. Danger lurks on the way to Cheongju castle, we should recruit a helper from the store.
Samurai Era Rise of Empires code, Step #3: Spirit soul is powerful, they’ll harm normal citizens if it’s fallen into evil hands, we must find another way to save Hime. You can change heroes’ equipment in line up page. Tap an equipment to enter equipment page, you can develop your equipments here.
Step #4: You can send hero and equipment shard as a gift to other players in clan. There are 5 tiers of equipment: green, blue, purple, orange and red. The higher the tier of equipment, the more powerful it is. Guardian system will be unlocked at level 40, you can deploy a powerful guardian to assist your battle.

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