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Samurai Kazuya cheat world: Kazuya becomes a samurai. In the Edo period, swords ruled over people. The civilians were powerless under the samurais' rule. One day, Kanna, the wife of a low rank warrior, Kenji, has been summon. She did not return for a long time. Kenji was worried. Soon, his restlessness turned into rage. Kenji went to the superioe rank warrior to search for Kanna.

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Kenji was both a great mentor and a brother to Kazuya. He started searching for Kenji and Kanna. After learning about their fate. Kazuya's rage and determination turns his blade towards the corrupt shogun.

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Tap on the screen to attack. The faster you can tap, the more damage you can deal. Let's try using the attack speed potion which allows you to attack automatically. Tap the doll on the right side to receive rewards. You can collect materials to craft or upgrade swords. Now it is time to become a powerful samurai.

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Character strengthening - you can strengthen Kazuya here. Sword crafting - you can craft here. Bag - you can view the materials and swords you have. Awakening - you can awaken character to make him stronger. Shop - purchase items. You can challenge other samurais in the tower of Corruption.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: attendance event - check your attendance 7 days straight and receive rewards. Boss of the 1st floor: Hevi Kiero - not talented with the sword, he became a samurai solely with his first. With his undying loyalty for the shogun which shogun earned by noticing his hard work, he tries to stop Kazuya.

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Tutorial (wiki): defend yourself by tapping the screen when the enemy attacks. Only get 10% damage when defense succeeds. Remember, there are sword restrictions when entering the tower. Please check your equipped sword. Kuro Murasaki - boss of the 8th floor. Pledged to acenge his brother Kuma for losing to Kazuya. Wears his dragon helm to destroy Kazuya.

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