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Cheat SAMURAI SHODOWN The Legend hack android, ios code

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Hack SAMURAI SHODOWN The Legend: cheat List
White Dharma Bag x30 - use hack D9YgMlqjj
skill points x50 - enter pass LSkAy4M9K
legendary equipment - nw9XGj6gd
pink materials x1000 - TyxIeCsKa
add attributes (mark, spirit, star)- ceO1EPWUO
grade up - nSRRgQUOb
Month Card x1 code - mbY9MSSDy
upgrade cheat - v94LmxPeG
enhance - rl8rHGldQ
weekly gift bag x10 - 8bRzd7lA8
secret combination - FpNCdF4VV
level up - LB4RwhjEA
stamina x300 - lki0gnpy3
gold coins x50000 - GnB3vxsd5
get bonus - oDrgYi4o7
epic mount - Luhy5NeC4
special reward - FQjJyHODa
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Whew, finally arrived here. Unexpectedly, Miki caught so many people for the tribute. Well, here comes another dead bug, stop him, servants.
SAMURAI SHODOWN The Legend Hack Basics
Left handed joystick movement. Click the button to the right hand to attack. Unique skill deals a lot of DMG to enemy. Click the player’s avatar to view his/her in more operations. No help yet? Try to use the Samurai book to sign a contract. If you feel the screen freezes or the power consumption is high, you can set it in the system settings. If the battle is disconnected, it will temporarily enter the hosting state, log in and return to the battlefield as soon as possible.
Hint & Tips
1. There are all kinds of wonderful events every day - check task.
2. The email system can be opened in the friend interface, remember to collect reward mail in time.
3. It's an accumulated gift to sign in. There are different surprises every day.
4. Universal equipment shard - can exchange for any orange gear shard at Kamakin.
5. Soul fang - death in the dungeon can consume a soul fang to revive with full HP.
6. Join the clan to get to know the closest partner in Samurai Shodown.
Draw sword - defeat the enemy quickly by drawing out a sword, it can put enemy into Floating, standing, fallen states, causing physical damage. Deadly strike - perform 6 hits in the air, knock down the enemy and cause physical damage. It costs 300 energy points to perform in PvP.
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SAMURAI SHODOWN The Legend Redeem gift code
1. dNjZPMd0aGyWEY5
2. qA8N7pHirSuB0tH
3. 6F5mD7cqy3sT57F
4. lrAx6zVC9DEXRfM
5. Bj5YaSLXBIzgg67
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date27 September 2020
Last Modified27 September 2020
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