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First objective: please dismantle the drop pod. The resulting materials will be repurposed to construct a habitat and utility base, from now on referred to as: the HUB.
Second objective: please ensure you have your ficsit incorporated xeno-zapper equipped before leaving the drop zone. According to Ficsit regulations every pioneer should have access to a means of defence against extraterrestial threats.

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Third objective: please familiarize yourself with the resource scanner to find iron. The acquisition of iron is considered essential in preparation for all future objectives. Find iron ore: press C to scan for resource deposits. Hold E to gather resources from deposits. Iron ore will be needed for crafting.
Fourth objective: build the HUB. to complete this objective the resources salvaged from the drop pod will be consumed. Caution: ensure the HUB is built on spacious, open terrain, close to the presence of iron sources. Failure to do so will result in non optimal progress. You can find buildings in the build menu by pressing Q.
The HUB - the heart of your factory. This is where you complete Ficsit milestones to unlock additional blueprints of building, vehicles, parts, equipment etc.

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Fifth objective: HUB upgrade (storage and power). Note: the craft bench and HUB terminal are essential for progression to the next objective. New equipment, buildings and blueprints, which can be found in the workshop (when built), build menu and craft bench respectively. Connect buildings to a generator for power. Buildings such as the smelter require a blueprint to be set. Automate the smelting process and use portable miners for optimal results.

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Smelter - can be automated by feeding ore into it with a conveyor belt connected to the input. The produced ingots can be automatically extracted by connecting a conveyor belt to the output.
Xeno Zapper - standard issue electroshock self defense weapon for melee range.
Portable miner - can be set up on a resource node to automatically extract the resource. Very limited storage space.
Constructor - crafts one part into another part. Can be automated by feeding parts into it with a conveyor belt connected to the input. The produced parts can be automatically extracted by connecting a conveyor belt to the output.

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