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Save the Earth Climate Strike Game story: i’m happy that you have decided to save our planet - it’s not an easy thing to do. Select North America for our eco organization headquarters. Ecology bar indicates your region eco status. Now it’s time to estimate other regions situation. Click the region of Africa to select it. African ecology dropped by 10%. Let’s see what’s happened. Econ indicators: animals, fish, forest, fresh water, and etc. Look, the lowest indicator is animals. That is because the most pressing eco problem in this region is animals poaching. Let’s solve this problem.

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To choose a project correctly read the description, and its attributes: eco indicators + problem. Look,our project is being implemented with different speed in different regions. The higher the region loyalty to our company is, the faster implementation goes. It seems that in Africa our loyalty level is extremely low. Put together professional teams on external relations to work in region. This significantly increases loyalty in the region. This gives access to the projects of nature reserves in the region. Through keep it in mind that you cannot take all the eco projects at once, you’ll have to make a choice.

Save the Earth cheats, hack codes

Earth - projects that aim to keep an ecological balance of soil, atmosphere and plants, to study and launch new energy sources.
Animals - ecological projects aimed to support the biodiversity of the earth, animal populations, conservation of rare species creation of protected areas.
Social - projects aimed to interact with society. Establishment of educational programs, volunteer movement.
Water - aimed to support the ecological balance of oceans and seas, lakes and rives, fish and marine mammals.
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People in the whole world get initiative when they get to know our organization. This way you may get additional initiative points. Be ready for the Eco problems to grow and the world ecological situation is getting worse. Your goal is to save the planet. Remember, any problem can be a cause for an incident. To stop this incident, create volunteer movement - assist in helping out people, public organizations and regional services. They have no special training. Send them to the incident. Don’t forget, that incidents are just consequences of some eco problem. Keep going and we will have a chance to save the planet.

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