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Savior Saga cheat world: i can't remember what happened. As sson as i opened my eyes, i saw monsters chasing after me. I'm cheat-on, the leader of the dragon guard. My task was to protect you and Kamor. Your name is Yuina, and you were the only human to be selected by Kamor, the millennium dragon. Monsters left crystals behind - those are cleansing crystals. Monsters turn into them when they die. Touch character's portrait at the bottom center of the screen. Combat ability increases by absorption. It really makes you feel stronger. Touch box on the lower right corner of the screen to check.

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Touch weapon icon on the lower right corner of the screen to change the weapon. Slime box - slime from the devil's hole likes shiny stuff. Slimes would go into mine boxes for minerals but can't get out from the boxes. Rebirth - you can rebirth at stage 20 or higher and you will gain souls upon rebirth. Shop - you can purchase various items to improve your progress. Camera view - there are 3 different views that you can choose. Pick the view that you prefer. Souls can make you powerful instantly.

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I know you treasure your gems so i didn't tell you what the gems were for. Gems are used to upgrade your buffs. If you use 3x battle speed, your battle speed will be faster by a factor of 3.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: you have to clear at least 20 stages to rebirth. Character levels and stages will reset but we'll get a lot of souls. All assets remain, except levels and cleansing stones. Every rebirth, the Dragon Maiden's Cleansing crystal making time gets faster by 1 second. (Up to 50 seconds) Rebirth when an adventure progress gate slow. You can raise ranks or upgrade skills. Go to characters and check the characters' ranks and skills.

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