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Scrappers Game story: Planet Earth was overflowing with garbage, and it was increasing by the day. In desperation, humans attempted to pack it all into a rocket and launch it into space. But their plan failed. The rocket plummeted back to earth, triggering a colossal explosion. And humanity was wiped out.
Garbage is everywhere and now equals big money. Humanity’s trash is the robot population’s treasure. In the city of Junktown, those who control the trash control everything. It’s up to one small team of garbage collectors to upset the balance.

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Hey there! You must be the new recruit. Nice to see some young’uns show up on time instead of making ol’ Uncle trash wait. I’m here to see if you’re up to snuff. We Scrappers have a reputation to uphold! While we wait for the truck to arrive, why not stretch those rusty legs? Drag in any direction to move. Seems your legs work better than mine...Ah, here it is! Meet your trusty sidekick, the garbage truck. You can’t do your job without it! Right, let’s get moving!

Scrappers cheats, hack codes

Pesky roborats! Let’s exterminate these pests before we get started. Tap to attack. Repeat straight after landing a hit to start a combo! We’ve gotta collect as much of this trash as possible and load it onto the truck. Garbage in need of collecting will grow when you approach it! Tap to pick up glowing garbage nearby. Then take it to the back of the truck to trash it. You can only pick up three items at a time. You’ll see why this is important soon. You know, all that walking back and forth to the truck just ain’t efficient. Time is money, after all!
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Try throwing garbage stacks into the back of the truck from a distance. I’ll give you some time to practice. Go on, throw some trash around. hold and swipe while moving in the direction you want to throw the trash! Not bad! Throwing may take practice. Keep at it and you’ll be a pro scrapper in no time. Let’s collect as much of this trash as we can before anybot shows up. I hear somebot coming from the diner over there. Dismantle them like you did the roborats! Remember, tap to attack!

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