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Game Story
Your goal is to have the greatest fortune coins at the end of the game. You can accumulate coins during the game, but you will earn most of them during end-game scoring in the following three categories, every: earned star, territory controlled, 2 resources controlled. The amount of coins you earn depends on your level of popularity. The higher your popularity, the more coins you will earn. You can alse get a few bonus coins based on where you built structures.
Scythe Digital Edition Hack Basics
The game progresses as players earn stars through various achievements. It ends when any of the players reaches 6 stars. Stars can be earned for accomplishing any of the following (don't worry if you're not familiar with all the terms - we'll explain them later): complete all 6 upgrades; deploy all 4 mechs; build all 4 structures; enlist all 4 recruits; have all 8 workers on the board; reveal 1 completed objective card; win combat (up to 2 times); have 18 popularity; have 16 power. You can preview this list by choosing "*". You can check these details anytime during the game.
Hint & Tips
1. You get the ongoing recruit bonus for not only your own actions, but those of your direct neighbours too!
2. Player mat - it contains all the major actions you can perform during the game. You might notice the player mat is divided into 4 sections.
3. During your turn you're allowed to perform up to 2 actions from the player mat section of your choice: the actions are executed in top > down order. Each action is optional - you are always free to skip it. You need to select a different mat section each turn.
4. Note that the section with previously taken action is disabled. You need to wait 1 turn to use it again.
5. There are two secret objectives, but you can only complete one of them, unless you're leading Saxony.
Scythe Digital Edition Moves
Each of the three unit types in the game (characters, mechs, and workers) share two key similarities: they can move around the board (through not over rivers or onto lakes, by default). They can transport any number of resource tokens. A territory is a hex on the board labelled with one of the following terrain types: farm, forest, mountain, tundra, village, lake, factory. For the purposes of the move action for any unit, all territories with the tunnel icon are considered to be adjacent to each other. You control a territory of you have at least one unit there (a character, worker, or mech). Or if you have a structure there with no enemy characters, workers, or mech. Only one player at a time can control a territory (or use cheat code).
You have a home base that serves as a starting point and a place to retreat after losing combat. A home base is not a territory, so be default you cannot move move units or build structures there. Each faction has its own permanent base location and different skills.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date29 September 2020
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