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Aliens invaded Earth. Their superior weapons overwhelmed us. We were desperate, and took drastic measures to repel them. We sacrificed the land, only seas remained. The aliens lost interest and left us to our flooded planet. Adapting to a new world, we fight for survival. Recently, an opposing faction attacked us. Many ships sank to the ocean depths. Forced to retreat, we survived. Now, our battle begins anew, and we must rise to the occasion.

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We must set up a base of operations soon. We do not have many resourcess. You need to establish an economic district. We can build most of our resources buildings here. Our most important tasks have been planned out in the pioneer program. You can refer to it at any time. We must ensure that we have enough commanders for everyone, build a farm. Food is the single most important thing an army must have. You must keep an eye on our commanders stores, and upgrade the farm whenever necessary.

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Commander, we will get additional rewards for completing each stage of the pioneer program. You can check the pioneer program at any time to see how the base is coming along.
We need a steady supply of metal, build a foundry. Metal is needed for the majority of the base’s development. Make sure we have enough metal. Numerous other buildings and functions will become available if we make the HQ bigger. The HQ is the most important building in your base.Without it, we’d be in deep waters!
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The HQ has been upgraded. It is the center of our operations, and we can check on the officers and the base here. if you want to expand our base, you must first upgrade the HQ. Now that we have a steady support of commanders and metal, we should think about replenishing our forces. Establish a war district. We can establish buildings there that will let us build more ships or upgrade our forces.
The first step to replenishing our forces is to build more ships. With a working shipyard, we can start to build more ships.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Deploy officers to raise the might of your fleets. increasing an officer's level, rank, and grade can increase the effectiveness of your fleet in combat.
  • The available ships are shown below. They are determined by the officers deployed, technology, and equipment.
  • Equip ships to change their appearance and strengthen them.
  • Action skills used in skirmish stages can be upgraded in the research center.
  • You can spend gold to instantly finish the build.
  • Reach patrol technology to improve your cyber hunting capabilities, armaments, action skills, and more.

Sea Fortress tips
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  • The duration of a base boost cannot be extended. using a similar base boost will replace the original's remaining time and effect.
  • Use anti scout to prevent other players from scouting you.
  • Research technology to get cyber hunt boosts.
  • Upgrade Heinz to increase building speed.
  • YOu fleet's destination time will be shown.
  • A new batch of items will appear every 6 hours at the port. You can change one item per batch.
  • Collect Vip points to increase your VIP level. You'll get better bonuses at higher Vip levels.
  • Your base will start burning when your defense fails. Burning will reduce your base HP.

Sea Fortress tutorial

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instruction: you can send out multiple fleets to the same target. however, only the fleet that reaches first will battle the target. Hunt Cybets in the world map to get materials required for equipment enhancement, gemstones, and other rare items. Utilizing ship counters in battle is the key to victory. Energy shield allows it to withstand additional damage in battle. Equipped with missiles that allow it to deal damage to multiple targets at once.
Sea Fortress tips to repair
The particle cannon allows us to make a preemptive strike that can weaken or even outright destroy enemy units. You will need to plan the use of action skills carefully as the amount of action points consumed is increased with subsequent uses. Action points are restored when you destroy enemy units. how and where enter
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