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The name means...For one, fear, for others, fury, for other – sorrow, joy and love. When the seven kings passed and the moon lost its light, a happy clown awakens the darkness. The light loses its light and the lion loses its head. Two swords leave the road, and when they meet again, they become for by the end of the journey they will still be four. The first runs away. The second leaves, the third is left. Only one of them is happy. The wall collapses and the castle sits down. There is no one to keep, and time comes near. There is nothing on grounds Elios keeps. There are those who worship at the land keeps. Find one but lose one. If you don't go the wrong way, you lose a friend. The streets in your hands and invisible place, when fear determines the fate of love, the path is opened by Elios. There is a man of darkness, one of them will not be their colleague. The two knines hit each other, the tenth king will not come out of their tribe. And in front of your eyes four seas, continents, four mountains and lakes, trees, rocks, in four direcions, signs. The four men to this poem will give him new life. There are those who will go after him, he wakes up and Bail's reign begins again. However, this poem does not end without beginning.

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Oh, you're here. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry to have called you suddenly, but there is an important matter. A few days ago, I was informed that the militia members patroling the Silon forest had disappeared. Could you find missing members? You can get a hero with just the summon ticket you received. World map – the capters are divided into 10 stages. I'll give a brief description of the map before that. In the middle, you can see information of the user who has now captured this chapter, and if it is occupied, you will be given the opportunity to challenge it if you clear all of the chapters and you can continue to receive compensation if you keep the occupation. If all heroes are in dangerous situation, you can escape there by the full movement. The skill is much stronger than a normal attacks, so you can kill the enemy quickly. Use skill to defeat the monster!

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If you want to see the past video, open the diary with the kid in the neighborhood. Donate for guild and get rewards. Guild donation is limited in 10 times a day. You can get 3-5 star hero in 2 star mixing. The pets have various technologies depending on the type. Difficulty chapters is divided into normal and hard mode! The normal mode is cleared and the hard mode is opened! You can get compensation based on the progress of the stage clearance. You can acquire up to 3 stars per stage. Heroes can be stronger after transcending with appearance change. When you do adventure, you will encounter so many monsters. The first listed hero is the currently selected hero, and it indicates that it is selcete in blue color. The blue mark is changed? You can choose your hero with this hero icon. The selected hero can move by simply touching the location you want.

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1. kt4nXVHr4K – summon tickets,
2. Xq3EQfuJFR – upgrade materials,
3. juRrGOtOh5 – ruby,
4. 8dlr71K6Ud – gold cegel,
5. uwK9lTRobh – enchant,
6. 3gkm9g2SDa – relic,
7. VsnSIuWfoi – open world point,
8. AKC2k9cxjN – enhance stone,
9. lWBTDEdTB9 – evolution,
10. WAePQjlmzf - awken

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