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At the beginning of the universe, the strong got the godhood and became god. To seize the power of the source planet, fierce wars broke out in the gods. The first battle of the gods ended with the falling of the God of Rhunder. The seven demons of the underworld, led by Death Lucifer, slumbered in the abyss of the underworld, attempting to regain the source planet. Now, the demons of the underworld come back again. The God of nightmare prey on you. How will you face the face of destruction. Daughter of the God of River: Katsiaryna mercenary who came from the distant continent, the battle mage, crafty, unscrupulous in the purset of victory. King black Dragon: Hatis the evil king Black dragon, the mastermind of the major wars ten thousand years ago, in the long vagrant life, finally settled down in the weathering continent that the God of wind left behind, and developed his own evil forces, as the mastermind of the corruption of the living in the continent, extracting the continent's energy.

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Hello, adventurer. I'm cheat-on, the president of adventure association. It seems that you are a good swordsma, but you need to be tested before joining us. In the north, on the snow way to the kingdom, many junior demons appeared and prevented the caravans from progressing. Source planet – the center of the origin of the miltiverse, wth the incredible original force of the lements, where a number of powerful species were born, revered by various species as the sacred land. The God of the ancient flame: the terrible existence of the abyss of demons, the embodiment of the flame and destruction, who was once defeated by the God of flame and the god of thunder and sealed, and revived ten thousand years later, once again sealed by the heir of the God of flame and the wind wizard princess.

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Seal of Titan  –  cheats secret bug
Enhance the weapons as soon as possible. Alchemy is ofcertain luck component. Supplies can be obtained in the video treasure chest after the checkpoint. Boss will drop at least one equipment. Well-built legendary level set, each one has incredible power. Pick up 6 different components and activate the artifact ability of the set. Move the main character: slide the joystick in the lower left corner. Normal attack – click or long press the large icon in lower right corner to launch normal attacks. Skill attack – click small icon in the lower right corner to launch skill attacks. Please upgrade the skills at the first moment after protagonist upgrade.

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1. dvqko34dKQ - gold
2. YkmpVhvwKS - diamonds
3. 1gMouxm8NC – dragon spar
4. zLCzhew1v6 - artifacts
5. daADqNOG3U - enhance
6. T2EcluYo1d – gem crystal
7. oEMSVxz2bN – epic equipment

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