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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Seastead Cheats
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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Terror Floating island was torn asunder by the heroes' attack. But this wasn't enough to save the planet from ruin. A fractured world of manufactured structures now emerges from the misty sea. But the civilization from before historical achieve data is corrupted.. Initiating forced restart. Key functional structure found - gold stash. Please repair immediately.
Red alert! An oceanic location signal detected! Preliminary assessment - the enemy is about to attack. Based on the enemy's formation, our chances of victory are minimal. Adjust your defensive angle now. Boarding: drag your floating island until it aligns with the docking position.
1. Your floating island cannot be moved horizontally in raid mode.
2. When short of resources, tap warfare, and search for other players to plunder alongside.
3. For the time being, buildings will not change in appearance when upgraded... but who knows what the future holds?
4. When in battle, you might want to try using your own defense to resist the enemy before attacking.
5. Once every chapter quest has been completed, you can claim a bountiful chapter quest reward.
6. Leveling up your squads will increase their stats according to their growth, after leveling up you can rank up. Ranking up is one of the main ways to strengthen your squads.
All structures have been scanned and stored! Please head to the warehouse to use them immediately. Reading barrack structure data. This structure can be used to supplement your wounded troops. Tap "quick replenish" to send trained troops to the outposts when there are free space.
The core is the central power source of a floating island. Some beautiful and unique buildings can be constructed in the structure factory.
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Hack Release Date12 September 2020
Last Modified12 September 2020
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