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Second age cheat world: the earth is shrouded in a mystical power of evil, the black magic killed the king who ruled this land. It was an era of excessive warfare with warlords vying for supremacy. The king's son led the heroic and loyal soldiers who vowed to avenge the king and take back the throne.

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Other forces cannot be underestimated, only the one who can take all the magical altars of this territory can earn the throne. In this world with magic spells and dragons only the strongest one can finally dominate the whole world. In three whole days, the enemy fend off our attack over and over again with their strong defense. I'm your archmage. The dragon spell is ready, cast it to destroy the enemy's defenses.

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With the help of magic, we've managed to finally take over the city. Monster lairs are great places to get speed up items. We need to restore the infrastructures now as most buildings and destroyed by the war. First build a farmland to provide food. We need to train more troops to protect our city - build a barracks. Barracks are where troops are trained. Upgrade the barracks to increase training capacity and troop defense, and to unlock more advanced troop types.

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Buildings: Institution - lets you research tech. Upgrade the institution to unlock more tech and increase research speed. Storehouse - protect resources from being plundered. Upgrade a storehouse to increase the resource protection limit and world resource gathering speed. Armory - produces traps. Upgrade the armory to increase production capacity and troop attack power, and to unlock more advanced traps.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: For build times under 5 minutes, we can use free speed up. Troops marupgradeng requires time, but we can go return to the city for further development. Attacking barbarians and monsters requires consuming hero energy. Your excellent management has attracted many new residents to the city. You can upgrade the city and unlock new buildings.

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Tutorial (wiki): activating quest Tarot cards can grant additional rewards with next specified operation. Upgrade buildings ASAP to increase the city defense. Use time hack magic to speed up our development. Heroes' position attributes only come into effect when appointed to certain positions. Research tech to improve our city's economy and military and accelerate city development.

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