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The bright stars - it seemed as though we had already conquered what we could only look up at an hold in awe in the past. However, greed and violence have always lingered in the shadows. The ravages of war pushed us to the brink of extinction, over and over again. From the ruins, an even greater civilization was born. We seemed able to overcome any obstacle...Until that day...
The destructive power of the mysterious visitors shone a light upon our ignorance. Humanity awakened to new possibilities.

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We traveled deeper into the galaxy to seek out its hidden truths in this world . You must choose your own path and accept the consequences of every decision you make.

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Economic community of Dawn - in the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation, the marginalized Dawnese got united and built the economic community of Dawn (ECD). Governed by plutocrafts, ECD now has exceeded all of its counterparts in the measurement of wealth and became the keeper of the current new galactic order.
Oracle empire - the faithful Oraclite built the only empire of theocracy to glorify the name of oracle. In the name of God they are willing to give their all to this empire till forever.
Republic of Svarus - since the beginning of history, Svarns have never been treated with fairness and justice. Thanks to their resilience and audacity they successfully won a place for themselves in the galaxy.
Neo Europa federation - that overthrew the brutal Titan regime twice are widely accepted as mean, arrogant and dogmatic. But their rigorous and romantic nature as they believe is essential for the revial of human civilization.
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Soldier - those who fight for their nations and what they believe are dearest to them, although they might become the sword of those in power. The galaxy as we know it is build upon their faith and blood.
Scientists are dedicated to the quest for knowledge, complementing and extending theoretical speculations and observations. Their research and experiments provide the cornerstone of our exploration of the galaxy.
Engineer - experienced professionals and backbone of galaxy exploration. Specialized in design, planning, analyze and operations, making concepts into reality.
Explorer - are passionate and courageous, they travel to the deepest reach of the galaxy, pushing the boundary of the known human world.

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  • Ship hangar - here is the parking apron where you can fit your ships.
  • You need better gears to fight agains dangerous criminals like the Silver flame pirates.
  • Every ship is equipped with unique tactical components.
  • Engine waste heat conversion circuit - each weapon activation grants a stack effect. Upon reaching 4 stacks increases next weapon damage by 50%.
  • You can view the quest progress from OPS. Claim rewards to complete chapters.
  • Headquarters - tap to interact with the characters in the space station.

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Revolutionary sandbox sci-fi world - 5000 permanent galaxies.
Futuristic spaceships, weapons, gear - 150 ships across 5 series and 3 levels.
Warp through wormholes across galaxies - voyage across 1000 light universe.
Epic galactic warfares, endless colony wars - global leagues fighting together for glory.
Real time free trading system - dynamic trading across galaxy.
Second Galaxy tutorial

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