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Secrets of Empire Game story: it was a time of heroes and great leaders. During this golden age, Osman of the Conquerors empire, Franz Joseph I of the knights Empire, and Peter the great of the frost empire were the three powerful leaders in the region. After endless wars, the three empires agreed to put a stop to their fighting and established formal alliances. And together they built a peaceful federation on the land where the borders of their empires met. And our story began from here...

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Empire: conquerors - a culturally diverse islamic state with a strong navy. Frost - a country situated in a region of extreme cold. A powerful nation with hardy people. Knights - a rapidly developing country where trade flourishes.
The rebels have been around for a long time and are not to be underestimated. I strongly suggest you replenish your troops and gold before taking them on. Resources are ready for collection in the assembly hall. Gold, food, and troops are the empire’s basic resources. Keep in mind these 3 types of resources as they are essential to the empire’s development.

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Collection count will restore over time. Collect resources in the assembly hall regularly. Food is required for recruiting troops. Ensure that you have enough food at all times. You will encounter various obstacles during your rule. Tap and clear stages to overcome them! The rebels have occupied territories that pose a dangerous threat to the federation. Please allow me to deal with them! The number of troops in your army and your army’s might are shown at the top. You can also view the number of enemies and the enemy’s might here. You can cultivate Alp so he becomes strong enough to defeat the rebel leader. You have many excellent vassals serving you. Vassal cultivation is important for developing the federation and winning battles.
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Vassals have 4 attributes - combat, intelligence, politics, and prestige. Each attribute affects resources or might differently. For example, combat will affect your might in stages. Increase your power and recruit more vassals. Get new beauties by making private visits or increasing your power. View the beauties you have married and not yet married here. Random summon to get beauty EXP and chances to obtain Heirs. Beauty EXP can be used to upgrade beauty skills. Favor your beauties to gain beauty EXP and affinity, as well as increase the chance of getting heirs. Give your beauties bounties to increase affinity or charm points.

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