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Free hack Sengoku Fubu cheats code list - speed up, population, gold, promo ticket, resources, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Sengoku Fubu cheat world: my lord, a message from the s=escort. Imagawa Yoshimoto’s troops have set up camps in Okehazama. Enemy troops escorted provisions to Otaka and fought for the rest of the day. They must be exhausted. We have been waiting at our ease for the fatigued. Attack now and we will crush them. To defeat the many with the few, we must get the timing right and strike when the enemy is unprepared. Launching a surprise raid in the rain, marching speed is the key. My lord, please use the forced march stratagem.

Sengoku Fubu hack

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I advise you to reclaim uncultivated land while marching for reserves. Population is the foundation of your clan. Please build 4 hunts in Nagoya castle to absorb more population, your majesty. Population determines the production rate of reserved troops, which is used for troop replenishment. Please build 3 markets in nagoya castle, your majesty. Markets increase the production rate of coin, which can be used to build or upgrade constructions.

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Farms increase the production rate of provisions, which are consumed during battle. You may upgrade constructions to increase the resource production. You may also upgrade tenshukaku castle to increase population and city defense. Our military strength was weakened in the previous battle. Please use the impressment stratagem to quickly resupply reservists for the city.

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Pursuing enemy troops in retreat requires powerful military strength. I advise you to recruit more backup forces. Heroes are the foundation of battle. Without heroes, reserved troops cannot fight against enemies. Continue with the attack. Wipe out the remaining forces of enemy troops! Rendered meritorious service in the battle. I’ll find a few divine weapons to award you!

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