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Cheat Shadow Knight hack android, ios code

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Hack Shadow Knight: cheat List
300 stamina - use hack #uR3AkqKtV
unlock characters - enter pass #AI0qthMS0
skins (costumes) - #6ka48yP9o
50 Goblin’s Lair ticket - #YqGj1eYjf
5 premium weapon chest - #ZxHZln6T0
5 premium equipment treasure - #h9xC9QDvc
1 Month Card code - #CxqqckXuB
upgrade cheat - #FFZ6uzTjX
100 runes - #7iRmPZIeJ
weekly gift bag - #UlqQ84h7t
secret combination - #ATmIZZcPS
level up - #FeAeOHDsG
100 gold keys - #X99EFMVUF
add socket - #NuVlHx1mF
off ads - #s5JPA0h9J
1kk gold coins - #Rg2pYyYyB
special reward - #v4dZzSIg4
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
What a strange dream! I shouldn't have had so much to drink last night. I feel like something's happening. As i guessed, that dream is an omen. I should do something before the undead come here. the damned undead...Let's see if we can clean this place up a bit.
Shadow Knight Hack Basics
Use the joystick key to control the character. Hero attributes: attack, magic power, HP, armor and magic resistance. Skills: upper cut - Noah sweeps the sword from the bottom up, knocking out enemies. You can double jump, thanks to the force. Dashing Shot - Ashley dashes forward, launching a bullet combo on the first target to be hit and kicking it into the air. Charged bullets0 when not using normal attacks for a certain amount of time, the next 3 basic attack deal an extra amount of physical damage. Enhanced bullets cheats codes - increases the length of the dash and the damage dealt by the ability.
Hint & Tips
1. Some enemy can be knocked airborne to perform combo.
2. Complete the conditions displayed on the screen to reach 3 stars.
3. Every time you complete the stage for the first time, you will receive a valuable reward.
4. Save AoE skill for group of enemies.
5. Goblin's lair ticket is needed to enter the dungeon.
5. Rune - equip in an empty equipment socket for additional stats. Combine three identical runes to create a rune of a higher rank.
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Shadow Knight Redeem gift code
1. 9UGeWbazG9x5a6Z
2. RC0Hls6zWwauPgu
3. 2q7Jq4jWFKv8UcU
4. hyEvValGm79H4pV
5. lWqLbmOd2K1FAut
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date19 September 2020
Last Modified19 September 2020
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