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At a crossroad in a periphery, far away from the castle. You must be the new commander, right? I am a caretaker of a mercenary guild office. The mercenary members i was going to introduce to you, they are fighting against the monsters already! Follow the monsters eastward and kill them all! And, protect the village in the east please! Basics: when the enemy captain is defeated, you win! Mercenary information: HP - damage that the character can endure. ATK - damage to enemy unit. If you can only kill at a single smite, enemy can’t possibly counterattack.

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Whenever a mercenary make an action, AP is consumed. A wizard can attack from afar. Archers can attack the enemies from behind obstacles. Leave the infiltration to rogues. You are shining? It’s time for you to use skill now! Continue the battle by touching the story button. At the end of the second half, the team with higher score wins: move range +1, spell card acquisition +1. Buff block - take direct charge and fight the enemies.

Shadow Seven cheats, hack codes

We can begin our activities as an official mercenary clan! If we could recruit one more mercenary, i think we could get ahead faster then any other mercenary clans. Gacha is where you can buy a variety of products! It is where you can meet new mercenaries and spell. The box can be opened immediately without waiting time. However, we can’t buy the products yet because the item won’t be in stock until the mercenary activity starts. From now on, i want you to take direct charge of the mercenary clan.
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TI have a lot to prepare to give your mercenary an official start. Different configuration can be made in every different deck. AUTO - function that automatically completes the deck. Emblem - item that increases ability variously per class. Emotion and name card can be customized when touched. You have earned the reward for completing the mission.

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