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Hello! You must be the new commander, right? I am a caretaker of a mercenary guild office. The mercenary members i was going to introduce to you, they were fighting with the monsters already! We must get rid of the monsters and protect the village in the east please! When the enemy captain is defeated, you win! Mercenary information: ATK - damage to enemy character. HP - damage that the character can endure. If you cann only kill enemy at a single Smite, he can’t possibly counterattack!

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Whenever a mercenary make an action, AP is consumed. A wizard can attack from afar! Archers can attack the enemies behind obstacles. Leave the infiltration to rogues. Attack type: attack, counterattack, direction and range. At the end of the second half, the team with higher score wins. Move range +1, spell card acquisition +1. Buff block: while it has active buff block, buff 50% ATK increase on target formation. Cautions: activate effect from the second half. Apply buff at the time of reaching the block immediately. Release buff when the character is out of the block.

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Now the commander is here, we can begin our activities as an official mercenary clan! If we could recruit one more mercenary, i think we could get ahead faster than any other mercenary clans. Enter gacha menu. gacha is where you can buy (or use cheat codes) a variety of products! it is where you can meet new characters and spell. Box: bronze, silver, gold - the box can be opened immediately without waiting time. however, we can’t buy the products yet because the item won’t be in stock until the mercenary activity starts. Today’s shop - the list of available items is upgraded twice a day. You can also use rest pass code to upgrade the list.
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The clan accepts the monster clean-up mission on Ellyssa’s urgent request. Leah complains the clergy like herself is suffering because the knights neglect their responsibilities. Achievement - can only completed once. Daily mission - that changes everyday. You have earned the reward for completing the mission. “auto” button - it is convenient to use auto play in main story and in saga. If you activate auto play, it automatically performs attacks movement, spells, and skill

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