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Cheat Shark Tank Tycoon hack android, ios code

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Hack Shark Tank Tycoon: cheat List
promotion - use hack #hMEVM94uv
x1000 speed - enter pass #ukqmIbVTH
Briefcases - #qlcfFoYaU
100k shark coins - #Ed3OwamMc
10000 gold - #CdrTmPyDo
10000 entrepreneurs - #LIwGt2mQy
1 Month Card code - #BRW8REGzV
upgrade cheat - #2FzS72PqQ
1kkk dollars - #TiQ35vnlD
weekly gift bag - #rg9yoFdEG
secret combination - #gxMnS11qu
level up - #n4mMpfa2c
unlock city - #un5fXaG7e
evolve - #zyvnNcBTo
special reward - #BCTSgM05p
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Game Story
Welcome! I'm Ms. Mentor and i'll be your guide as you invest your way to incredible riches. As a Shark you'll invest in business pitches from Entrepreneurs. Invest now. Making great investments is the key to becoming a successful Shark. It's time to make your first great investment. Your new business wil earn lots of money.
Shark Tank Tycoon Hack Basics
Upgrade Sushi on wheels to make money even faster. Your first quest is to upgrade sushi on wheels. Upgrade sushi on wheels to level 10 to earn a reward. Upgrade sushi on wheels to 25 to unlock a new business investment opportunity. Enter the Shark tank to see pitches for your next business.
Send a truckload of profits from Val's Vegan hotdogs to sushi on wheels. Upgrade your newest business. Newer businesses are more profitable than older ones.
Hint & Tips
1. Your newer business upgrades your older business for you.
2. Always upgrade your newest business.
3. Gold - the most valuable currency. Use it to get Briefcases, shark coins, and time warps.
4. You completed all your quests? Now you can expand to a new city.
5. Build new business Franchises in a new city to expand your business empire.
Shark coins cheats - promote entrepreneurs to permanently increase their effects.
Shark Tank Tycoon World’s top
World’s top - these are the richest, most power investors in the world. You made it onto the list of top investors by making great investments. keep making great investments and you'll make it to the top. Every new city has investment opportunities - your way to the top.
Ranking up gives your entrepreneurs expertise that boosts your businesses. Promoting Ken shuri automates and gives a permanent x2 speed boost to sushi on wheels. Invest enough in a business and you'll earn coins.
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Shark Tank Tycoon Redeem gift code
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date23 September 2020
Last Modified23 September 2020
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