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Free hack Shattered Plane cheats code list - power up, energy, gold coins, promo ticket, morale, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Shattered Plane cheat world: the Werewolves are waiting for your orders. Use them to capture the abandoned village in the upper right corner of the map. Tap the unit to select it. Then tap on one of the highlighted fields to move the unit. Every unit can move only once per turn. The turn ends when you have no more units to use or the moves limit is reached.

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When your unit enters a field with an enemy on it, they will clash. Two units fight until there is only one left. The result of a fight depends on the unit’s numbers and their morale. Only one unit can survive the clash. The number of this unit are reduced based on the amount of minions lost in the fight. Each turn, towns will generate new units and reinforce those standing on them. Use your units to take over Svarog’s temple!

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Reinforcement won’t make it on time! But units are not just sheer numbers. YOu can strengthen the defenders’ morale and weaken your foes. Use your second unit to capture Wladyslavice. Look how your unit’s morale has increased after the succesfull attack. At the same time, your enemies’s will to fight dwindles with every defeat. Always keep your forces’ morale in mind. Now the best choice would be to simply wait for their attack. Tap the hourglass in the upper left corner to end your turn early.

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Your hero has a unique ability called a special power, which can help you overthrow your enemies. Devana’s special power - this is your current Patron - generates additional units in your settlements. Use your special power by pressing the button in the lower right corner on the screen. After using your power, it’s charge level will decrease. You can charge your special power by capturing fields, towns and by defeating enemy units.

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Patrons: Devana - adds new units to every city. Veles - boosts one city to produce more units. Svarog - drains morale from your enemies. Nyja - instantly kills one enemy unit.

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