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3ipW3P - diamonds
8NUCv3 - special cards
jRJXnK - supplies box
d43YjQ - gems
QfHokw - epic deck
psLzb6 - unlimited energy
87n1TE - booster
9lCEz4 - new ship
qco5g2 - boss stage
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In a universe full of oviparous beings, eggshells have become the most abundant material. The evil Empire is aware of this and has built a massive army in almost no time. The galaxy belongs to them now. But there’s still a chance to fight them. Eggshells are not... that hard. And the new Dash drive technology brings hope to the last egg carton of the rebel fleet. So, let’s crash some eggs.

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YOu have your ship. The last remaining weapon between the empire and us. Let’s move our ship 2 points forward, and then 2 point left. Touch GO button to execute the plan. We have the mandatory goal! Let’s go for the optional ones. Let’s try a longer plan: move 2 points forward< move 2 point right, and yet another 2 points right card. They are shooting at us! Let’s fireback adding a laser to the combo. Touching GO button now to execute the plan avoiding the enemy fire!

Shell Shocked cheats, hack codes

We are out of weapons but we can still break enemies. Move 2 points forward, and then 2 points left to go through it. Let’s add cards to reach the exit. Move 2 points forward, 2 more point forward, and GO button. We are safe for now, but our egg ship is incomplete. We must find more cards in the next missions to make it powerful enough to fight the empire. Make the longest combination possible and release it at the right time. Unlock new cards and egg ships and make them powerful.
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Did you know? You can undo the combo anytime you want! Boosters: small bomb - destroyes everything inside his reach. New cards - we found these cards in our last mission. The diagonal cards will give us extra maneuverability! Small electro pulse - deactivates everything inside his reach for 2 seconds, mines and lasers included. Danger mines, don’t touch them! Pulse laser - shoots a powerful laser that can get very far in an instant. Mega gatling gun - shoot multiple shots in a row that can kill multiple enemies.

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1 hGwTag upgrade
2 vHGEuM stat point
3 MFuNqk coupon
4 Q6Adq3 promo code
5 6UoSe7 gift box
6 9XighA gold coins
7 HikUU6 month card
8 rdRzqs premium pack
9 clLRrn legendary gear
10 ITzfL7 vip ticket
11 0KmFBM gear pack

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0nn1KD - supply box
91vkOi - treasure chest
iuWVdR - multiplayer
MLsdzJ - vip status
PK3pa1 - star tokens
Hack qLroG3 - artifacts
Cheat hhnMRI - evade
tNSu2y - elite ticket
G35BVj - exchange cheat code

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