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Welcome soldier, i'm your instructor. Now, let me teach you the basic controls of this game. Control the direction joystick to walk. Swipe right empty space to control the camera. Tap to fire. The screen center is the crosshair area, it is central visual field. Let's adjust the crosshair to aim at the target by sliding your finger on the right screen, or use cheats codes (hack tools) to auto aim. Please slide the joystick on the left screen to move forward to the place marked by the arrow. Congrats on completing your tutorial, you are now a dawn guard member. Follow me to the shooting range, more fun await us.

ShellFire cheats, hack codes

1. S + nvt4DkSr - achievements
2. V + 09MaLTox - gold coins
3. Enter Q + tWpJdbY5 - level 4-5 rune card
4. W + Pass Z8m4iOIw - fixed Login error
5. S + dg17ij9O - gems
6. Enter d + O7ZcHxqH - hero skin
7. s + Be7pDNix - current luck: high luck means a high chance to get rare items. Full 100 luck will bring rare items for sure.
8. W + M1YrrltC - ruby
9. Q + l396ODYl - hero shard
10. q + JKTDJyop - game coupon code
11. s + Xn8wX2hd - ulti rune shard pack

Control info ShellFire: please move to the highlighted location on the ground. Now, let me show you some basic info about the hero. Look at the avatar in the lower left corner, that's you. The blood bar next to the avatar is your HP, you will ide when your HP falls to 0. THe button in the lower right corner is the shooting button, let me teach you how to shoot and use hack tools. I've prepared some simple training targets, aim at them with the crosshair and press the button to shoot. Now let's try the powerful skills, they will deal more damage to the target. Drag the skill icon to adjust its releasing direction, so that it can hit the enemy.

Basics ShellFire cheats code list: compared with normal skills, each hero has a a stronger ultimate skill. A smart use of the ultimate skill will turn the tide. Kill enemies to charge the ultimate skill. Use the ultimate skill when energy reaches 100%. That's all for the basic shooting, let me teach you how to occupy objective and use cheat codes.
Your objective will be displayed as icon A on the screen, please more towards the objective. The objective will be highlighted in the scene. You can occupy an objective by moving into its range. You will start to occupy the objective slowly once you enter its range. A progress bar will be displayed in the screen center to indicate your progress in occupation. The occupation will pause if an enemy is within the range of the objective.

Hack hero & skills ShellFire: Jane: auto fire - shoot with the laser gun, relatively stable, each bullet deals up to 165 DMG. Homing grenade - auto lock on target within certain range of fov and shoot grenades, each grenade deals up to 900 DMG. Tactical grenade - throw out a high explosive grenade that deals up to 1200 explosive damage to enemies in a small area. HP pool - soldier restores 500 HP, boost effect based on DMG dealt for up to 700.
Hero tech maniac: Downey - ranged, attacker, can fly. Shoot out an explosive shell and deal up to 950 DMG to enemies within range.
Kiss of Death: Diana - ranged, sniper. Shoot with the laser gun, fairly stable, each bullet deals up to 1500 DMG.
Mech King: Hamlet - mech, close to mid range sustainable attacker, tank. Human form - small submachine gun with middle range yet weak attack. Mech form: melee exclusive shotgun.

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Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. In “science park” map, two teams contest for the objective. Teams will collect resources from the objective they occupied. The first to collect 100% resource wins.
  • 2. Season reward: platinum IV tier can claim 1500 gem when this season is over reach gold tier, finish at least one match to get season skin or use cheat - hack tools.
  • 3. Custon maps: science park, London, aircraft carrier, trial dojo....
  • 4. Use the grenades launcher to shoot a grenade, it can bounge off the ground and the deal 1050 DMG through exploison. Shoot out an explosive shell and deal up to 950 DMG to enemies within range.
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