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Free hack Shelter Girls cheats code list - unlock floor, energy, gold, promo ticket, cubes, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Shelter Girls cheat world: i’m glad you’re awake. Greetings, i’m the battle figure Cheat-on. And this is the shelter my companions and i are using as a base. The scientist discovered you unconscious and fallen while searching for others and brought you back here. Before he died, the scientist entrusted the task of leading us to you. We certainly need a commander. Please become our commander. I beg you...

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I’ll show you around inside the shelter now. Touch the purple button in the middle right of the screen on the main screen. I’ll explain all the shelter’s functions to you now. YOu can use hack and cois to upgrade various facilities at the shelter or battle figures’ abilities. YOu can save coin you get in the coin storage right next door.

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COin you get through various methods can be saved in the coin storage. The coin storage has a maximum limit, and no more coin than that can be stored. You can see the amount of gold and the maximum limit for the storage at the upper right of the screen. There are several other rooms in the shelter besides the coin production room and storage. You should install a new room. Tap the + button. You can buy a room here to add new features to the shelter.

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As you level up, you’ll be able to buy more and more room types. You normally need a certain amount of coins to buy a room and it takes a certain amount of time to install, but you can have this one for free. Try installing an energy production room and energy storage.

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