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Cheat Sheriff of Mahjong hack android, ios code

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Hack Sheriff of Mahjong: cheat List
energy x1,000 - use hack Bk3puL9N8
miner’s lantern - enter pass lPug7i8XR
dynamite - DNrGEu8XA
combo freeze - vkGIi2s7O
pince-nez - UIkn69yM1
dice - nb0kx6N0C
Month Card x1 code - lGLXQwePM
upgrade cheat - lk8qZQFpn
daily gift bag x10 - SHJRtcVHr
secret combination - nEYrlv9rl
level up - PQVJVQ9X7
ultimate experience potion x30,000 - M9EoeUVFf
talismans - 1LUSjuIXj
handbag - rI4KF8DoF
resources x500 - SK5mcW0ec
diamonds x4,000 - E1i0SL82m
gold x300,000 - IunkgZs8B
special reward - aPuusooRH
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
Sheriff, at your service. The Butler Gang ransacked out town, and Colinstown has seen better days. Everyone who came to town turned down the job. We need a competent builder to restore the town. Royce's house is patched up, but we need more resources. We want a rich and prosperous town! Tap a building to enter.
Press magnifier to activate auto zoom. Use miner's lantern tool to see free tiles for 10 moves. Select two identical tiles to remove them from the board.
Sheriff of Mahjong Hack Basics
Use Pince nez tool to find matching tiles. Use undo tool to return tiles to the board. Match gold tiles to win. You've beaten the level and receive a reward: coins and experience.
The townsfolk need your help! Complete quests and restore order in these lands. Attention, you need to spend energy points to explore the building. A victory will reward you with experience and coins. Fortune favors the brave!
Hint & Tips
1. Certain special tiles cna be matched even if the pictures on them are different.
2. All cacti tiles cna be matched as well. All matching tiles with different pictures on them have a mark in the upper left corner.
3. No moves left? use the dice tool to rearrange the remaining tiles and continue playing.
4. You assemble the collection by finding the collection items? Gather five items to form a whole collection, represented by the sixth item. By assembling each collection, you get a step closer to reaching special items known as rarities, which give you additional facilities to win even more prizes. You need special items called resources, such as handbags, to complete collections.
5. Combo bar - when you fill it, you receive items to create resources for collections. Match any identical tiles to fill the combo bar.
6. To faster you play, the more resources for collections you get. Use the dinamite tool to remove 5 pairs of tiles at once.
Now that we have a roof over our heads, we can start planning our meals. Restore the ranch to produce food for everyone.
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Sheriff of Mahjong Redeem gift code
1. 13zK8EwIouzTNIh
2. YJjCqp4bMrG8ZFs
3. 6HvOqgvuhciFMlQ
4. XRlN6YZyJpPN1jW
5. 6YkEIBT70cjTvwZ
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date11 October 2020
Last Modified11 October 2020
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