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Pls try to control the hero to kill monsters and Drake. Drag with left hand to control moving. Tap with right hand to release skills. You really deserve the name of God of war. TO heal yourselve, come to kill these monsters, absorb crystals to heal. First skill Valourous sweep: cause damage to nearby enemies and 30% moving speed decrease for 2 seconds. Try the second skill Brilliant Dash: hold up the shield to dash forward, dealing damage and stun enemies.

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Pick up flicker - move a distance to the indicated direction. Dragon turtle - by killing this, you could obtain a shield. Shield - resist a mount of damage. Third skill God Befall: Ares a shield and deal damage to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds. Above the enemies’ head, shows the crystals that they carry. By killing them, part of these crystals will fall down. Guard Drake is immune from normal attack and skill attack. You have to use dragon skill to cause damage to it.

Shining Arena cheats, hack codes

This is Holy Zone. Next, let’s take some real fight! Ares, see you in battle ground. Baron - by killing enemy Baron to win game! Before kill Baron, try to kill Drake to obtain privileges! When our Baron and Drake exit battlem our heroes could heal themselves by standing inside the green circle! First, enter the jungle to kill monsters and increase your level. As a God of war, you have to learn how to use equipment. Let me teach you equipment system.
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When hero reaches level 2, 4 and 6, you could choose one low rank equipment. While at 8, 10 and 12, you could choose one high rank equipment. If unsatisfied with the equipment. You could check them all in the shop interface and change them yourself.
Crystal altar - don’t forget to occupy those crystal altars. Occupying them will bring huge advantage in match. How to occupy: stad still in altar for 2 seconds. Why to occupy: provide crystals continuously. Provide sustained damage to enemy Baron, when Drake gone.

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