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Get up, you have better places to be. The elf tosses a battered sword at you. It isn’t much but i know you can make good use of it. We can either waste time making small talk here or we can fight or way out to find your friends who need you. Tap the right arrow or swipe left to proceed to the next room.
Enemy! Do pay attention. We could be hitting this brute all day long unless you stop that shaman behind from healing it. Use your stun skill to interrupt skills while they are being cast.

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Tap and hold down on designated area on the screen to command your squad to move there. We’ve been low on manpower ever since that last terrible battle. Be sure to check around to see where your help is needed. Check your guide quests for tips on where you are needed, or how you can get stronger. Campaign - freed from the empire’s dungeons, our hero begins his journey. Dungeons - each dungeon offers unique challenges and rewards. In campaign mode, you progress through the story by completing missions. You can also revisit past missions to gathering more resources.

Shining Beyond cheats, hack codes

Each mission represents a different challenge so making the right decisions are vital to success. A good strategy goes a long way. Test your team’s strength against other players in the arena. Remember to upgrade your idle squad if you’ve upgraded your heroes. Leveling up will increase the heroes’ stats. Leveling up consumes XP potions, so make sure you have enough of those.
Basically, you send your heroes to explore an area, where they will automatically generate resources over time! This generation of resources will go on constantly, even when you are away! You can access idle exploration from beautiful blue portal.
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This is the stage where your heroes will play out their idle battles. Unlike normal missions, you do not have to form hero squads. All heroes you own will be deployed for exploration. Your heroes’ combined battle power, and the loot bonus rates you get will be displayed in the bottom left box. When you get new heroes, or when your heroes become stronger, you’ll need to tap the update button here to upgrade your explorers. The higher your battle power, the higher your exploration bonus rates. Whenever you clear a new story mission, that mission becomes unlocked for idle exploration. Loot preview - this screen allows you to preview the kind of loot you can receive from this location. There’s a time limit to the loot generation. Once the limit is reached, loot generation will stop, and you’ll have to collect the loot to continue.

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