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Free hack Shinjuku Dragon cheats code list - gold, books, speed up, promo ticket, level up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Shinjuku Dragon cheat world: it was an extremely dangerous assassination mission. The target was known as " Gokudo Phantom". After the brutal fight, he finally fell beneath my feet. From there i became a core member in no time. Growing up in the orphanage, i suffered from everyone's disapproving eyes. I fortunately had the chance to join Gokuro as an underling.

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I pushed myself hard in my training, looking for a chance to be recognized. I've achieved a little, i have my own territory to run. I've gotten together with my childhood sweetheart. But this is all just the beginning because i have faith in....

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Intimacy affects offspring's attributes and beaty skill. THe higher the intimacy, the sooner the beaty skill is unlocked. CHA affects amount of beauty exp obtained from each blind date and date. Each blind date consumes 1 NRG. NRG cap is affected by your position. Now you can date your favorite beauty.

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Earn cash - each operation grants cash. A Kobun's attributes signifies their strength. Upgrading Kobun and increasing aptitude increases their attribute. A Kobun's force is largely depended on their attributes. Upgrade Kobun to become stronger. A Kobun's aptitude is dependant on books. There are four types of books: STR, INT, POL, CHA.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: upgrading books can greatly improve Kobun's attributes. Upgrade needs to consume the same type of enhancer or book EXP. Enhancer upgrade: has a chance to upgrade successfully. Book exp upgrade 100% chance of success. Buy permanent card to unlock quick clear.
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Tutorial Shinjuku Dragon(wiki): Cherry blossom cake - effects: found in an event, required for exchanging rewards in Sakura festival. Disappears after events finishes. Build a gang and expand your power. Recruit the most powerful characters and train them to be the strongest fighter Join in the gang warfare and defeat your opponents.
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