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ShinNaZuki cheat world: this world was once filled with war flames and blood rivers, until one day. Bathing in holy light, God descended on this world to save all beings. He planted the divine tree, and guided people to live on it. After that, he left and never showed himself again. But they ignored the jealous gazes from the world below. At last, the catastrophe fell upon the world, exploding the divine tree into 6 floating islands, and killing numberless creatures.

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Driven by hatred and jealousy, the evils come back. Holyland, one of the six floating islands, is going to meet an unprecendented crisis.
Well, it turns out that those guys were plotting this before. Today is the sacrifice feast in holyland. Thy're so despicable to take this advantage. knock this thing down! Do you see the two starstones in the Heaven Devourer's shulders? They are its energy source, and also its weak points. The two starstones share energy and life. If one is destroyed, the other one will respawn it soon. So we have to destoy them at the same time! Let me check your capabilities.

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Instruction: press attack button and slide up to release unique skill. Tap the right button to attack. Unique skill - attack and kill grant rage for the roles. Slide up attack button to release uniqe skill after the rage is full. You can't win battle by pure force. You must pick different weapons to fight according to target's class.

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There are 5 jobs in the game: warrior, archer, assassin, mage and minister. The job of the role is displayed in the circle next to HP. The arrow displayed above the target shows the restrain relation. Characters: Linsy - the girl who showed up before Shilo all of a sudden. She had heterochromia with huge dark wing. But why would she show up in the Holyland during the sacrifical day.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: each stage has its own amount of deployment. Tap the role to deploy. Auto fight - free your hads. You can change the battle speed. Upgrade characters will make them stronger. Upgrade is basic when it comes to cultivating a character. Your character will become more powerful after upgrade.

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