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The year is 1560. The Japanese empire is tearing itself apart. Fights are constantly breaking out between its provinces. One noble clan is ready to take advantage of the situation to secure power, influence and position. Deep inside his castle, their leader is preparing to set his plan in motion.
Welcome, great Lord of clan Takeda. I am your humble servant and personal avisor. I will assist you with all your tasks.

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This is your command room. The map shows an overview of the Empire. You should use map and unit pawns to govern your provinces and armies. You may use the top toolbar to access clam management, the rice market and the calendar. To attack the other clan, we need to declare war on it - select Totomi province. In the province window you can access clan political relations.

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In clan window we can change relations. Clan Maeda - our clans are currently neutral. We can ask for an alliance to decrease the chances of an attack and increase our honor by 3. Declare war on Maeda. We better attack them before they have a chance to attack us. Our honor was decreased by 21. We can end the war by sending them some gold and ageneralg for peace. It is risky as they don’t have to agree, but if they do our honor.
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We will now use our army to attack another clan. Select the army pawn on the map. Red arrows show all the provinces which your army can attack. Allows army to move and keeps Ashigaru units from retreating. Per his current level, he can command up to 5 units. Skills: army size +1. Usually units gain experience during the battle. However, if you wish, we can train this unit to a higher rank for 45 gold.

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  • Bow Ashigaru - lower class archery unit. Ineffective against armored samurai.
  • Our units are wounded and they should be healed before the next battle.
  • To increase rice income, we must upgrade our village.
  • Villages are specialized in rice production and pay monthly taxes in rice. Each level increases monthly rice tax by 15.
  • To make next attack and collect taxes we need to end month.
  • Sometimes other clans may be willing to sell a province. This is the only opportunity to get fully developed provinces. To purchase the province, we need an alliance and trade treaty with this clan.

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  • Melee units protect additional hexes around them preventing enemy units to move past them. Each enemy unit coming in close proximity of melee unit has to stop.
  • Let's talk about trade deals - the great source of gold income. A trade deal can be signed only with neighboring clans. To sign a trade deal, we need to forge alliances first. If we have an alliance with another clan and our honor is high enough, this clan may sign a trade deal with us, by doing this we can earn some money.
  • Monthly income from the trade deal depends on minimum number of provinces we or the other clan has.
  • The higher the level, the more effect and rewards you get.

Shogun's Empire tutorial

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