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Free hack Showa Candy Shop 3 cheats code list - gold, tokens, legendary items, promo ticket, level up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Showa Candy Shop 3 cheat world: sit a spell, and recall those sweet days of your youth, back when everything was new and exciting. Way out on the edge of a small town no one's heard of stands a humble candy shop, run by a kindly old lady and her cat. Why not take a peek in? And while you're here, how about lending the dozing granny a helping hand? Perhaps you'll even uncover a strange little tale or two while you're at it.

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Help grow this sweet old lady's candy shop! Stock up to attract customers! Collect gold by tapping customers. The seasons change as you play, and so, too, do the customers! Stock up and choose a special. Match your special to the season, and you'll earn gold hand over fist. You might even see a rare customer.

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Use gold to install new upgrades. Upgrades help you draw in more (and sometimes rare) customers. Be sure to pick up the phone when it rings, because there might be a job on the line! Complete jobs to earn special rewards. There's a cat afoot, as well. Something good might happen if you tap it! it's a cat, so be sure ti check outside too.

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Use your capsule tokens to try your hand at the capsule machine. See if you can collect all the trinkets. Rainbow balls make special things happen. You can only have one at any given time, but you get one each day. Letters arrive as you fill in the catalog. Complete the catalog to unlock this heartwarming story in its entirety.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: shorter time limits increase the number of rare customers. Lucky cat - doubles the speed at which customers arrive. Lucky gods - permanently boosts sales by 30%. Spruce up your store to increase store traffic. Mysterious pocket watch - you can travel to any month you wish. You never know who you'll see.
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Tutorial Showa Candy Shop 3(wiki): Take a trip back to those golden days in this easygoing little candy shop management game with a surprising amount of heart. That's right, it's the third game in the beloved Showa Candy Shop series! And don't let the "3" in the title scare you off. Newcomers and longtime fans alike are sure to enjoy the latest tale of Grandma and her humble candy shop.
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