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SID - a world of souls. Magic school Lussid - a place where souls, seen as beautiful girls and boys, guard and keep the order in the universe. Moriarty - The Girl in the time space engine. There was someone trying to destroy SID. Sidians began to be imbued with the energy of darkness. That energy further cracked the time space rift. As the soul’s crystallized, Sidians gradually had a new heart of greed.

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There was a battle between those who were greedy and those who were not. Moriarty and the sidians saved the magic school Lussid and the time space engine. Since then...
Greedy sidians disappeared without a sound. The rest of the people, protecting the time space engine, began to disperse. And irregulars began to be put into Sid. Sid was being destroyed. This war went on for a long time. And Moriarty kept protecting the time space engine.
Moriarty began to rally around the groups again. And, she was looking for clues about the back of darkness.

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Valkyrie - the servant of Odina, the god of gods. She is a female warrior in heavy armor. She appears in front of heroes who are victorious in war, to foretell them about their death, and lead them to her master, Odina. She always has a sad face.
Christie - a mystery novel writer. She is called the queen of mystery novels. Personally, she is unhappy because she has no time to date and is getting bags under her eyes from writing novels day and night.
Irene - a charming lady involved in some kind of relation with Sherlock Holmes. Don’t be fooled by her elegant appearance, she may take your soul before you realize it.
Fenrir - a werewolf. She is one of Rocky’s daughters. A girl with incredible strength, and doesn’t hesitate to exert violence. She runs ar remarkable speed, and breathes fire. The other gods put shackles on her legs, but still couldn’t stop her.
Sid Shock wiki
Strong attack - deals physical DMG to highest aggro enemies and nearby enemies and stuns 2 unit for 1 second.
Challenger’s blow - provokes you nearby enemies and lower their accuracy.
Sacred region - heals weak allies by 200% of magic attack power and removes 1 debuff.
Commence attack - after dealing DMZG to closest enemies, decreases attack speed by 10% and orders all alies to do a focus attack for 7 seconds.

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  • Fantastic character - you can meet main character.
  • Easy and strategic battle - enjoy it with cute heroes.
  • Fresh and new adventure exploration! Select the content you want to enjoy.
  • Non blue group Sidian has a significant reduction in combat rate. If the group battle treasure box is full, it cannot be acquired any further.
  • Once you have gathered all the equipment for hero, hero can be ranked up.
  • Big pleasure of competition! Grow through fight.

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Hack cheats tutorial Sid Shock(wiki):
  • If you've exhausted all your energy, enjoy dungeon.
  • You can raise the skill level after hero is ranked up.
  • When you collect or hack shards, you can summon or evolve the Sidian.
  • Skill books is required to raise the skill level.
  • You'd better avoid strong enemies for a while, and then defeat them after you grow up.
  • After collecting ethers, you can use them to raise sidian's level.
  • Battle with world boss! Bring back the souls of the lost Sidians.

Sid Shock tutorial

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