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Free hack Sigma Theory cheats code list - scientist, relations, weapon, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Sigma Theory cheat world: i am Cheat-on and i ordered your recruitment. I’ll be your superior for the next few months; you’ll be directly accountable to me. As a specialist in both field operations and delicate diplomatic negotiations, your place is at the head of counterespionage, but the American government has an even more important mission for you.

Several days ago, the scientific community developed the Sigma Theory, a scientific method capable of producing rapid advances with the potential to throw the world into chaos. Within weeks we’ll see the emergence of new weapons with unimaginable destructive power, as well as tools that can influence the economy, society, energy, transport and evem the human mind. Our civilization will change beyond recognition.

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American leaders want to monopolize Sigma technologies: the country that controls Sigma will control the world. Your mission: discover these Sigma technologies with the best scientists at your side. Do what you must to gather a team of agents and use persuasion, diplomacy and force to acquire the few scattered scientists able to work on these technologies. We currently have two in our own labs. We’ve given you a surveillance drone and a combat drone to assist in your field missions. You also have access to a diplomatic support to conduct negotiations with the leaders of rival nations. I’m transferring you to our tactical operations so you can proceed with recruiting your team.

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Allegiance: United States - will find it easier to persuade scientists to work for them. Russia - the first Russian scientist performs particularly well. China - the first agent recruited by China is a master of martial arts. India - diplomatic relations with other countries are moving to a higher level. France - the first agent recruited should be an expert in seduction. United kingdom - agent will always be loyal to their country.

After the revelation of the existence of the Sigma Theory, the united states called upon my skills to lead a covert organization that would combine scientific research, intelligence and international diplomacy to defend our nation’s interests.

Sigma Theory wiki
My first task is to recruit 4 agents from a pool of elite operatives. I need a team of professionals with complementary skills, allowing me to act with force or subtlety as necessary.
    here is the list of available agents. Let’s study their skills and choose the best. Some of these agents don’t normally work with governments, even if the offer is good. Before recruiting the next agent, i should read their profile carefully and understand their motivations:
  • Satoshi - a solitary man, quickly abandoned formal schooling to become a black hat hacked for hire, which has afforded him a very comfortable existence. he has no intimate relationships and no known family. he is suspected of numerous acts of noted cyber terrorism, but has admitted to only one: ten years ago, when a Hollywood firm refused to finance a sequel to a blockbuster movie featuring giant fighting sea monsters, the bank accounts of those producers were mysteriously emptied - the director of the film later recieved an extravagant bank deposit from an untraceable source.
  • Thomas - born to a family of the lesser English nobility, Thomas followed the career path of the ideal British spy: a top student at Eton then Oxford (politics and poetry), after accepting an officer's commission be passed the UK Special Forces Selection easily. He has experience in the Afgan and Iraqi theatres.
  • Madison - lost her mother at a very young age and her ambitious faster encouraged her academic pursuits. This culminated in her admission to Harvard at the age of 14, where she studied psychology, medicine and law. She's been on the radar of the intelligence since the publication of singular and insightful theses on international diplomatic theory.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Map gives me a real time view of the global situation and our operations.
    The other countries also have a confidence level with the nation that employs me. If this figure drops, operations and negotiations will become more complicated. And nobody likes complicated situations.
  • Doomsday clock - the greater the risk of humanity's destruction, the closer it is to midnight. I must do everything in my power to prevent it striking midnight...otherwise there will be one left to hear it.
  • E - this button leads to the science division. There, i can assign my scientists projects and see their progress.
  • Group - this button leads to the table that shows relations with all the major actors on the world stage. Diplomats, terrorists, influential groups...our relations and any missions they assign will be shown here.
  • Settings - this button allows me to adjust the various game settings, hack cheats and return to the main menu.

Sigma Theory tips
    Tutorial Sigma Theory(wiki) :
  • Red E - this shows the number of technologies i have discovered. When it reaches 15, we'll be very close to our objective. My goal is to discover and secure Sigma technologies before other nations. To do this, i need scientists, and they are currently overseas.
  • The first thing i need to do is to send my agents on a mission. Move agents by dragging their icons over a country. When i've finished assigning missions, i can click on End turn to execute my orders.
  • To win, my country must be the first to discover the ultimate Sigma technology. This is the Sigma technology tree. Each technology changes the rules of our cold war. Up to 2 scientists can be assigned to each branch. A scientist specializing in that branch will obviously advance much more quickly.
  • If i research a technology that has already been discovered by another nation, i can reverse engineer it. By using reverse engineering, research progresses more quickly, but i won't benefit from the advantages linked to that technology as it has already been discovered.

Sigma Theory tutorial

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