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Free hack Silkroad cheats code list - upgrade stone, skill points, gold, promo ticket, energy, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Silkroad cheat world: in 627 CE, the mirage Astrolabe was found and the Tang Dynasty decided to reopen the silk road, inspiring all the people in the country. With the silk road opened, major towns along the way such as Donwhang and Hotan have restored the prosperity in the past. The ancient road has become thriving once more. However, there is light, there is shadow... Behind the trade route is the distorted human desires for the power of the Astrolabe.

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As the user of Astrolabe Debris, you are also the invincible guardian of the trade caravans on the silk road, until the appearance of the Mazdaism Executioners. Astrolabe contains infinite power, and the battle between star masters is always horrible. Obeying the power of the astrolabe and liberating your desires often gains a stronger power. But the price is that he will be distorted into a monster of desire. In order to stop the evil deeds of the Mazdaists, hero faced up, even if his strength is too weak to win. With the defeat of heroes, the story is coming to an end... but who knows if it’s the beginning of another story?

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Bicheon - the moon is as curved as the bow, the snow is as white as the sword. Strength is important for using it, but what matters most is the user’s mind. Suitable for: warrior, controller.
Heuksal - courage is the spear of destiny. It’s an art of using spear learned by ancient infantry to battle violently against enemies. Suitable for melee, nuker.
Pacheon - the sacred bow of the past is a good one. The Husso sect is known for their great archery skills. Suitable for: ranged, manipulability.

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Upgrade stone can be used for upgrading hero. Upgrade greatly improves hero’s strength. We can increase everyone’s abilities if we have enough skill points. We will collect the world heart shard and collect skill points to enhance our strength at the same time.

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