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Behind the lines the old king writhes in agony, an arrow embedded in his chest. He breathes his last, surrounded by his guard. The horns sound the retreat. The battle is lost...The enemy will soon be at our gates!
You are the king of Thylla, the former capital of the valley of Silmaris. Your goal: reunite the five opposing cities under your banner through diplomacy, intrigue, or force! You act through your councilors: generals, diplomats, spies, scholars and adventurers. Each turn they provide you with the specialty dice needed to play the game.

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Explore the valley to discover ancient relics. You can equip them to your councilors to make them more powerful. King Olrik of Falador dreams of conquering our city to reign over the entire valley. And he is about to succeed. The other monarchs have the same objective. If Olrik fails, others will quickly take his place!
When you touch an element on the map, one or more options will become available. Attack the Falaborian army - here, there is only one choice: attack, with 10 black dice. The black dice are war dice. We only have 5 war dice. We should avoid confronting this army. We will await the attack from behind our walls. But we need to recruit more troops.

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You do this through your councilors. The one with the war point is your general. First, equip him. Go to the royal treasury. This is where you keep the King’s shield. If you give it to one of your councilors, they will gain a war point. Drag and drop the artifact onto your general’s portrait. Thorion is now equipped with the shield na d has tro war points. The more colored skill points your councilor has, the more dice you can receive each turn.
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Realm - here, the battle and conquest mission allows you to gain black dice. Drag and drop your general onto mission. Any character rolls a minimum of one dice, plus an additional dice for each colored skill point they possess, in this case for a total of three dice. In battle, our walls give us a small advantage of two black dice. Press the end turn button to move forward a month. Each turn, the story has the potential to disrupt the course of your reign. You will need to make decisions that will have a significant impact on the game.

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What kind of king will you be: bold - destiny will favor you if you are bold and take risks. Merciles - destiny will favor you if you reign with no mercy and an iron fist. Conciliatory - destiny will smile on you of you choose compromise and negotiation. Devious - destiny will smile upon you if you act with cunning and perfidy. Careful - destiny will favor you if you demonstrate caution and restraint. hPJRfM - supply box
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